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Gato is a Spanish, Portuguese and Galician word for cat.

Gato may also refer to:


Fiction and Media[edit]

  • Anavel Gato, character in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
  • El Gato Negro refers to two comic-book characters featured in the Azteca Productions' Universe
  • El Gato: Crime Mangler, comic by Michael Aushenker
  • Hombre Gato ("Cat Man"), South American legend
  • El Gato, main character in the novel Keeper by Mal Peet
  • Poosy Gato, the resident cat in Gordo (comic strip)
  • El Gato, valuable artifact in the movie The Rundown from 2003 starring The Rock, Christopher Walken, Seann Willson and Rosaria Dawson.
  • Gato is also nickname of Puss in Boots (Puss in Boots 2011)[citation needed]
  • Gato Grande is a ferocious beast that roams the mountains of the Dominican Republic, often confused with a mountain lion or a liger.

Video games[edit]



  • Gato, a popular folk dance in Argentina.
  • Los Gatos, an Argentine rock group of the late 1960s.