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Gautam Adani
Gautam Adani.jpg
Born (1962-06-24) 24 June 1962 (age 52)
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Residence Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Gujarati
Occupation Chairman of the Adani Group
Known for Founder and Chairman of the Adani Group
Net worth Increase US$ 7.1 billion (September, 2014)[1][2]
Religion Jainism
Spouse(s) Priti Adani
Children Karan Adani
Jeet Adani

Gautam Adani (Gujarati:ગૌતમ અદાણી ; born 24 June 1962) is an Indian business tycoon who is the Chairman and founder of Adani Group. According to Forbes, his personal wealth is estimated to be $7.1 billion as of September 2014.[2] He founded The Adani Group in 1988 and today it is a globally integrated infrastructure player with businesses spanning coal trading, coal mining, oil & gas exploration, ports, multi-modal logistics, power generation, Agri Infrastructure, edible oil & transmission and gas distribution.[3] With business experience of more than 33 years, Gautam Adani is an Indian entrepreneur who has led the Adani group from a modest background to create a $8 billion professionally managed empire in a relatively short period of time.[4] He is a first generation entrepreneur.[5]

Gautam Adani has a vision of ‘Nation Building’ by developing assets of national economic significance.[citation needed] This reflects in the choice of businesses the group has entered and developed. In an interview to Outlook he mentioned how India’s infrastructure requirement is huge and hence ports, power plants, transmission lines and mining were the natural choices for the group.[4][6] He has led from the front to realize his vision of nation building and continues to pursue his passion for developing world class mega infrastructure in India and abroad.[citation needed]

He is said to be among the 100 most influential businessmen worldwide in the shipping trade and developing shipping related infrastructure.[citation needed] He has also been recognized for establishing the modern Mundra port which was selected as the best port in 2006 by the oldest and the most influential British publication for shipping business, Lloyds.[7][8] Mundra Port is now the country’s largest commercial port to have achieved a new landmark of handling 100 million metric tonnes in FY 13-14.[9]

Early life[edit]

Gautam Adani was born into a Gujarati family on 24 June 1962 in the Seth ni Pol area located in Ratanpol in Ahmedabad.[citation needed] He is the son of Shantilal and Shanta Adani and has seven siblings. His parents had migrated from the town of Tharad in the northern part of Gujarat India.[8] He is married to Priti Adani who is a dentist and heads Adani Foundation as a Managing Trustee. They have two sons - Karan Adani and Jeet Adani. He did his schooling from Seth C.N. Vidyalya School in Ahmedabad. Later, he studied at Gujarat University but only till his second year for a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce.[10]


Instead of joining his father’s textile unit in Ahmedabad, Gautam Adani moved to Mumbai at a young age of 18 with only a few hundred rupees. He started his career working as a diamond sorter at Mahindra Brothers for 2 years and then went on to set up his own diamond brokerage business in Mumbai, India. The trading initiative was a success and he made his first million within a year, at the age of 20, a big amount during the 1980s.[8]

Mahasukh Adani, Gautam’s elder brother and an entrepreneur, called Gautam back to Ahmedabad to run his newly purchased plastic factory.

Soon, Gautam began commodity trading by importing Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), a key raw material for manufacturing plastic.[7][8]

Gautam Adani is known for his risk appetite.[citation needed] Former IIM-A director Bakul Dholakia, who is associated with the Adani group's educational and CSR initiatives said, "In terms of the risk taking appetite and risk absorption capacity there are very few who can match Gautam Adani. There are many who take large risks, but very few have the ability to face their adversity with courage and conviction". He is referred to as 'Gautambhai' in the industry and is also known to be a keen observer and a good judge of character.[11]

Gautam Adani believes in an all-inclusive growth.[citation needed] He believes in education and health and these form the core of Adani Foundation. The group gives 3 per cent of its profits to the Adani Foundation. He is particularly proud of Adani Vidya Mandir, a school in Ahmedabad which admits only those children whose parents have an annual income less than Rs.1 lakh. The school is run by his wife Priti.[4]

Adani Group[edit]

In 1988, he established Adani Exports Limited (now known as the Adani Enterprises Ltd), the flagship company of the Adani Group, that traded in a variety of power and agricultural commodities. The economic liberalization in 1991 fuelled the rapid growth of the business and the huge profitability of Adani Exports provided further capital for Gautam Adani to expand his business.[8]

In 1993, the Government of Gujarat invited private companies to run the Mundra Port and in 1995 the contract was given to Adani Group. Today, Mundra Port is the largest Private Sector port in India, with capability of handling close to 80 million tonnes of cargo per annum.[8]

Gautam Adani is also the founder and promoter of Adani Power Ltd (APL), a power business arm of Adani Group. Adani Power has thermal power plants with capacity of 4620 MW, the largest private thermal power producer of the country. It is also the largest solar power producer of India with capacity 40MW.[12]


During the time of 2014 Loksabha elections of India Goutam Adani was accused of various controversies. He is being accused of supporting Narendra Modi for his campaign in Bharatiya Janata Party.[13] Even though claiming on national media that he has no special favors with Modi,[14] Modi was seen traveling on Adani group's chartered planes to rallies across India.[15][16] To counter this allegation, Mr Adani spoke out in an interview with CNBC and clarified that the BJP paid market price to Adani Group for using its aviation services.[17]

Supposedly, Adani Group was given lands at throw away rates for their infrastructure and expansions.[13] He has given an interview to NDTV journalist. In the interview, it is claimed that Adani was given the land at a price three time lower than the market price then.[18]

Another article by Firstpost mentions that the report scrutinizing Adani Group's records contains factual inaccuracies and half-truths. It has proved, how the article carried by Forbes is factually incorrect. The article explains how Adani Group has secured the land in a legal manner.[17][19]


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