Gawler High School

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Gawler High School
Gawler High School (emblem).jpg
A history of achievement. A future of potential.
Evanston, South Australia
Coordinates 34°37′10″S 138°44′17″E / 34.6195°S 138.7380°E / -34.6195; 138.7380Coordinates: 34°37′10″S 138°44′17″E / 34.6195°S 138.7380°E / -34.6195; 138.7380
Type Public secondary school
Established 1907
Principal Greg Harvey
Enrolment ~800[1]

Gawler High School is a secondary public school located in Evanston, South Australia. The school was founded in 1907[2] (with the motto, Vade ad Formicam), making it the oldest school in the area. The current principal is Mr. Greg Harvey[1] who succeeded Sandra Lowery, who left the school at the end of the 2007 school year, ending her 15 years as headmistress.[citation needed] Gawler High School has some 800 pupils as of 2009, ranging from educational year groups eight to twelve.[1]

Notable alumni[edit]


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