Gayaza-Ziroobwe Road

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Gayaza-Ziroobwe Road is a road in central Uganda, connecting the towns of Gayaza in Wakiso District and Ziroobwe in Luweero District.


The Gayaza-Ziroobwe Road starts at Gayaza and goes through Namulonge, Busiika and ends in Ziroobwe, a distance of 28 kilometres (17 mi). The coordinates of the road near Busiika in Luweero District are 00°35′18″N 32°39′10″E / 0.58833°N 32.65278°E / 0.58833; 32.65278Coordinates: 00°35′18″N 32°39′10″E / 0.58833°N 32.65278°E / 0.58833; 32.65278.


Prior to 2007, the road had a gravel surface. In 2008, the Uganda Government began to upgrade the road from gravel to bitumen at an estimated cost of US$40 million. The work, undertaken by a Serbian firm, Energoprojekt, commenced in March 2007 and was originally expected to be completed in November 2009.[1] The construction and improvement of the road has been extended to include the Kampala-Gayaza section of the road. Due to repeated delays, the completion date has now been set for June 2011.[2]


The following landmarks lie close or near the Gayaza-Ziroobwe Road:

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