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Type Private
Industry Recommerce
Founded Boston, Massachusetts (2006)
Founder(s) Israel Ganot (co-founder, CEO and president)
Headquarters Boston, MA, United States
Key people Chris Sullivan (CFO), Sarah Welch (CMO), Roger Neal (SVP Strategy & Business Development), Ben Katz (CTO), Susan McQuaig (Chief Talent Officer)

Gazelle is a Boston-based company that lets people sell their used electronic devices.[1] Through a process called reCommerce, Gazelle aims to redefine “the way we think about buying, owning, selling, and recycling electronics”[2] to extend the lifecycle of each device while preventing toxic waste from entering the environment when a consumer no longer wants the device. Through the reCommerce process, Gazelle buys old and unwanted consumer electronic devices in the U.S. and resells them, primarily to wholesalers both abroad and domestic. Gazelle has accepted more than 1.5 million devices and has more than 900,000 customers.


Gazelle was founded in 2006 by Israel Ganot, Rousseau Aurelien and James McElhiney. launched in 2008 and raised $46 million in funding[3] from Venrock, Rockport Capital, Physic Ventures and Craton Equity Partners.

“The global demand for old smartphones has prompted a boom in trade-in services like Gazelle”.[4] And according to, “Gazelle has become a leader in a product category dubbed ‘reCommerce’”.[5] TUAW states that “Gazelle is one of the most recognizable names in this growing business” and it acts “in an environmentally responsible and socially conscious way”.[6]

How it Works[edit] lets consumers determine how much an old device is worth by answering a few short questions, such as the device model and condition. Once a consumer locks in their device quote, “Gazelle automatically ships out a prepaid box for you to send your device back in”.[7] Gazelle ensures each “device is wiped of all the customer’s personal information”[8] and then mails the consumer a check, PayPal or Amazon gift card (consumer choice) in the amount of the original offer.[9]

Recognition and Awards[edit]

  • Gazelle reached its one millionth gadget milestone[10] in September 2012.
  • Gazelle has ranked within the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies for the last three years in a row.[11]
  • In 2012, Gazelle ranked as #28 in the Top 100 Consumer Products & Services Companies, #16 in the Top 100 Massachusetts Companies, and #15 in the Boston Metro Area.[12]

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