Gdańsk Główny railway station

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Gdańsk Główny
Estación de FFCC, Gdansk, Polonia, 2013-05-20, DD 01.jpg
Location Podwale Grodzkie str., city centre, GdańskPomeranian Voivodeship
Coordinates 54°21′19″N 18°38′40″E / 54.3554°N 18.6445°E / 54.3554; 18.6445Coordinates: 54°21′19″N 18°38′40″E / 54.3554°N 18.6445°E / 54.3554; 18.6445
Owned by Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A.
Platforms 5
Structure type Yes
Opened 1896 - 1900
Previous names Danzig Hbf.
Preceding station   Railway lines of Poland   Following station
Gdańsk Biskupia Górka   Line   Gdańsk Wrzeszcz
Schemat gdańsk główny.png
Schema of SKM train stations
Gdańsk is located in Poland
Location of station in Poland

Gdańsk Główny (Polish for Gdańsk main station) is the principal passenger railway station in Gdańsk, Poland. Close to the centre of the city, it is easily accessible thanks to the large number of transportation links nearby (trams and buses).

General information[edit]

The station operates five platforms, two of which are regional SKM stops. The remaining three operate Przewozy Regionalne and PKP Intercity trains. Access to the platforms is via subways from the east and west sides of the city. At the east side, the subway terminates on the other side of Podwale Grodzkie street, and on the west it goes directly into a PKS (long-distance bus) station. Connecting tunnels enable access to the station building and tram stops, and contain shops, fast food bars, newsagents, and other kiosks.

Station building[edit]

Gdańsk Główny Aerial view

The station building hails from the end of the 19th century.

Nowadays there is a small shopping centre on the patio, and a McDonald's and KFC inside the terminal. Ticket offices are open all day, and the station sells international as well as domestic tickets.


Prior to World War II, Gdańsk Główny was named Danzig Hauptbahnhof (German for "Danzig Main station"; some sources translate Hauptbahnhof as central station). At the end of the World War II, Soviet forces razed the station building almost completely (as with the rest of the city), and the entire structure was rebuilt after the war.

The station shares its design with Colmar station in Alsace, France. Thus the buildings are 'twins' of one another.

Lines passing through the station[edit]

Start station End station Line type Station position
Warszawa Wschodnia Gdańsk Główny Passenger/Freight 327.741 km.
Gdańsk Główny Stargard Szczeciński Passenger/Freight 0 km.
Gdańsk Główny Gdańsk Zaspa Towarowa Freight 0 km.
Gdańsk Główny Gdańsk Nowy Port Closed 0 km.
Gdańsk Główny Rumia Passenger 0 km.



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