Gedamsa Caldera

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Gedamsa Caldera
Gedamsa caldera.jpg
the Gedamsa Caldera lies east of Lake Koka and SW of a Sugar farm
Elevation 1,984 m (6,509 ft)[1]
Gedamsa Caldera is located in Ethiopia
Gedamsa Caldera
Gedamsa Caldera
Ethiopian Rift Valley,  Ethiopia
Coordinates 8°21′00″N 39°10′48″E / 8.350°N 39.180°E / 8.350; 39.180Coordinates: 8°21′00″N 39°10′48″E / 8.350°N 39.180°E / 8.350; 39.180[1]
Type Caldera
Last eruption Holocene[1]

The Gedamsa Caldera is a 7 x 9 km caldera in the Main Ethiopian Rift valley. The caldera has steep sides with 100–200 metres (328–656 ft) high walls, the upper parts of which consist predominantly of rhyolitic lava flows deposited in a series of trachite ignimbrite eruptions. There are small basaltic spatter cones and fumarolic activity inside the caldera floor along with a series of (Late Pleistocene to Holocene) rhyolite and pumice deposits and a Holocene lava dome/flow.[1]