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Gekås i Ullared AB is a Swedish superstore in Ullared, Sweden, founded in 1963 by Göran Karlsson as Ge-kås Manufaktur. It has an annual turnover of 4,200,000,000 Swedish kronor (2010),[1] with a total store area of over 30,000 m2 in addition to a 50,000 m2 storage area just a few hundred yards away. Malin Helde became CEO of the store in April 2013 while the previous CEO Boris Lennerhov became CEO of the corporation.[2] The store is visited annually by approximately 4,500,000 customers,[3] with the 2007 record of 26,200 for a single day, and the average customer travelling 150 km to get to the store. The store has recently opened a camping ground and a motel to accommodate long distance travellers. It has been known for avoiding conventional advertising, instead relying on word of mouth. For three years starting 2011, a reality television series, Ullared, was filmed in and around the store. It aired in both Norway and Sweden.


  • 1963: Store founded in Ullared by Göran Karlsson
  • 1967: The store moves to a bigger building.
  • 1971: The store changes location again, to its current location
  • 1991 Göran Karlsson sells the company to six employees.
  • 2003 The market court forbids Göran Karlsson, who had started a competing business, to use the word "Ullared" in their marketing.[4]


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