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Gem generally refers to a gemstone, a cut rock or mineral.

Gem may also refer to:

Literature and television[edit]

  • Gem, a fictional female character in "The Empath" (1968), an episode of the original Star Trek series
  • Gem, a fictional female character in Tron: Legacy
  • G.E.M., the AI of the Spaceship Providence in videogame of Brainside Studio Embrion
  • "Gem," a 2006 episode of the television series The Inside
  • The Gem, an early 20th-century British story paper



  • Gem, a package format of the RubyGems package manager for the Ruby programming language library
  • Gem, a codename (intended for use internally) for the PlayStation Move controller
  • GEM, Generic Model for Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment, a communication protocol used in the semiconductor industry, also referred to as SECS/GEM
  • GEM (Graphical Environment Manager), an operating system
  • gem (Graphics Execution Manager), a memory management program for graphics chipsets




Other uses[edit]

  • "Gem," a paper clip design of which most paper clips are variations

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