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Gem encore singing.JPG
Chinese name 鄧紫棋 (traditional)
Birth name Gloria Tang Shi-wing
鄧詩穎 (Traditional)
邓诗颖 (Simplified)
Dang6 Si1 Wing6 (Cantonese)
Dèng Shīyǐng (Mandarin)
Origin Hong Kong
Born (1991-08-16) 16 August 1991 (age 23)
Shanghai, China
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Music Producer
  • actress
  • Vocals
  • guitar
  • piano
  • drum kit
Voice type(s) Mezzo-soprano, Soprano, Whistle Register
Years active 2006–present
Influences Christina Aguilera,[1] Alicia Keys,[2]Beyoncé Knowles, Whitney Houston,[3] Mariah Carey
Official Website

Official G.E.M Website G.E.M. on Weibo

G.E.M. Blog on YouTube
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Tang.

Gloria Tang Tsz-kei (simplified Chinese: 邓紫棋; traditional Chinese: 鄧紫棋; pinyin: Dèng Zǐqí; born Shanghai, China, 16 August 1991), better known by her stage name G.E.M., is a Hong Kong singer-songwriter, dancer, musician, and actress. The stage name is an acronym for Get Everybody Moving. Her debut music release, the self-titled EP G.E.M. (2008), brought her the attention of the music industry, winning her the title of 'Best New Artist'. She has now debuted three additional studio recorded albums, a best of album and is now on her second world tour. She is also one of Hong Kong's top selling artist and was titled 2012 IFPI Hong Kong Top Selling Female Artist.

G.E.M.'s fan base is not restricted to Hong Kong and China, with a wide range of fans from New Zealand, Taiwan, Macau, US, Canada, Great Britain and other south eastern Asian countries.


Gloria Tang Sze-wing (鄧詩穎) was born in Shanghai and moved to Hong Kong at the age of four.[5][6] Her mother graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, her grandmother taught her to sing, her uncle played the violin and her grandfather played the saxophone for an orchestra. G.E.M.'s own musical life began when she was five,[7] and she appeared on Educational Television for Mandarin when she was seven.[8][9] G.E.M. started writing songs as a composer at the age of five[7] entering many singing competitions,[10] winning inter-school singing competitions.[10] When she was thirteen, she achieved a grade eight in piano.[11]

In 2006, G.E.M. entered the "Spice it Up" competition[10] in which she won first place. She caught the attention of her now-manager, Tan Chang, who offered her a contract with Hummingbird Music[7] thus becoming a professional singer at 16. G.E.M graduated from Heep Woh Primary School and True Light Girls' College[12] in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong, scoring 21 points[13] on the HKCEE. G.E.M continued with her education at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in acoustics,[14] as a part-time student. However, her busy schedule made her unable to attend classes frequently, and she decided to quit the course during the first half of 2009.[14]

G.E.M. was highly successful in 2008, her debut year, winning ten major awards. G.E.M released her first EP featuring the award-winning song "Where Did You Go." G.E.M. won the gold new female singer award from CRHK Ultimate 903 (903專業推介 sponsored by Manhattan ID 信用咭),[15] becoming the first minor[16] to win the award. The media gave G.E.M nicknames such as "巨肺少女"[17] and "巨肺小天后" meaning "Girl with Giant Lungs" and "the Young Empress of Heaven with Giant Lungs" respectively because of her vocal range and she had performed songs by Whitney Houston and Beyoncé.[18][19]

In May 2009, G.E.M. went to Los Angeles, California, to record her first studio album, 18... with Hummingbird co-founder and producer Lupo Groining. Upon her return to Hong Kong in December, G.E.M. proceeded to travel to Toronto and Richmond Hill in Canada[20] for her first mini-concert in Canada, and held an autograph session in Pacific Mall. In the same year, G.E.M appeared in two feature films, Love Connected (保持愛你) and Trick or Cheat (愛出猫), and demonstrating her acting skills on the wide screen.

In May 2010, G.E.M. stayed in Taiwan for ten days to promote the Taiwanese edition of 18....[21] After the promotional tour, G.E.M returned to Los Angeles to record her next album, My Secret[22] with her producer. The album was recorded in a span of ten days in Santa Monica. During her time in LA, G.E.M has also appeared at the US Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships in Long Beach, California, as a youth ambassador for Project Kaisei.[22][23]

During April 2011, just a month before G.E.M's sold out concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, G.E.M's grandmother died just weeks before her scheduled concert in May, thus not having the chance to watch her granddaughter perform. In memory, G.E.M dedicated a part of her concert especially to her, and sang Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up, thanking her grandmother for her endless love and support. In subsequent concerts, there will always be a front row seat left vacant for her. The song 不存在的存在, which features on G.E.M's latest album Xposed.


Online presence[edit]

With the help of Hummingbird Music, G.E.M. has successfully gained a large online audience. G.E.M. started her own personal YouTube channel blog in July 2008, and has since gained just under 60 thousand subscribers in the span of four years. G.E.M. has fans from Taiwan, Macau, US, Australia, Great Britain and other parts of Asia.[citation needed]

Through the means of social media, Hummingbird Music and G.E.M. created a new business model that utilizes the Internet as a tool to promote their music. Combining the elements of creativity and the success of viral videos, Hummingbird Music came up with the idea of MySecret Puzzle. MySecret Puzzle is a competition, consisting of six interactive videos. In order to win the competition, the user must solve the clues and meanings hidden behind these viral videos. The five winners of the competition would have the opportunity of having G.E.M. guest sing at their own home. The competition received an overwhelming response, and inspired G.E.M. to promote even more interactive videos and games on her personal website.

With the successes of MySecret Puzzle, G.E.M. featured a special surprise inside her album box set MySecret Boxset, which featured a special interactive cardboard code. The code, when paired with the webcam application on her official site, would provide her fans with a unique interactive video of G.E.M. performing her single MySecret.


G.E.M. has acted as the ambassador for many charity organizations and events. As a role model for Chinese youth, G.E.M. supports the Project Kaisei – a non-profit organization focused on increasing awareness of the scale of marine debris and the solutions for both prevention and cleanup.

Acting as an ambassador for Changing Young Lives Foundation, G.E.M. worked with the foundation to protect children from abuse, neglect and exploitation, ensuring that they are kept safe at all times enough shelter, food, health care and education. During the press conference in July 2011, G.E.M called for everyone's awareness and care towards the underprivileged children as well as their family. She hoped to spread out the message though her fans to a wider range of society, and promised that she will continue to support the foundation.

Environmental conservation have also been a key focus for G.E.M.. In 2013, G.E.M. was appointed as the ambassador of WWF HK Earth Hour 2013, as well as the ambassador for Shark Savers HK.

MySecret Album[edit]

In 2010, G.E.M released her third album MySecret, with the majority of songs and lyrics written by herself, and became the top selling album in Hong Kong, outselling Taylor Swift's album Speak Now. On 1 November, G.E.M released her album boxset MySecret Box Set, featuring her hits Get Over You, Good To Be Bad, and My Secret. The album also features three songs sung in Cantonese and seven sung in Mandarin. When the album was released to be pre-ordered online, the overwhelming amount of online traffic caused the website to freeze and crash. The album preceded to do extremely well on the Hong Kong music charts, with four of the singles reaching number one. One of G.E.M's tracks on one of her albums was chosen to be used as the theme song for Solar Project (太陽計劃2011), an event organised by RTHK that encourages young people in Hong Kong to make use of their summer. G.E.M was also approached to sing the theme song to the Japanese animated film The Borrower Arrietty (借東西の小矮人亞莉亞蒂). The film proved to be a success in the box office, winning Best Animated Film in 2010 at the 34th Annual Japanese Film Awards.

The album became the best selling album in 2010 (IFPI), and won Most Popular Mandarin Single 2010 with "A.I.N.Y.", Most Popular Female Artist of China 2011, Most Popular Female Artist of China 2011, and the award of Outstanding Hong Kong Singer Song Writer 2011. The success of MySecret established G.E.M as a singer songwriter, which led to a sold out world tour in 2011.

Xposed album[edit]

On 27 June 2012, G.E.M worked iTunes Live @ Hong Kong and performed with Jason Mraz during his Love Is A Four Letter Word Word Tour, along with Khalil Fong at the Hong Kong World Expo., in anticipation of her album release Xposed on iTunes. G.E.M was chosen by iTunes itself to represent thirteen Asian countries, and performed a bilingual rendition of Lucky with Jason Mraz himself . The clip was posted on the Chinese websites Sino and Tudou. The album, which represents a more mature side of G.E.M featured the chart-topping lead single Someday I'll Fly, the second song What Have U Done and latest single Miracle, which were all done by the singer-songwriter. On the day of its digital release, which was an iTunes exclusive only, G.E.M's album was featured on the front of the iTunes store and her single reached number 9 on the top 10 positions within the first two days, out selling Linkin Park. G.E.Ms single What Have You Done reached number 1 on four of Hong Kong's music charts (RTHK Chinese Pop (中文歌曲龍虎榜), CRHK Ultimate 903 (903專業推介), Metro Radio Pop Chart 997 (新城勁爆本地榜 and JSG Billboard (勁歌金榜)), with the album reaching number 1 on most of Hong Kong's Radio Charts. The album maintained the number 1 position for five weeks and the album Xposed preceded to reached number 1 on RTHK's Global Chinese Pop Chart (全球華語歌曲排行榜) and 新城國語力.

On 8 July, G.E.M held an album signing at the Hong Kong Mall apm, which attracted more than a thousand fans to attend. The boxset Xposed was also released two days later. At the end of July, G.E.M began her promotional tour in Taiwan and held her first Taiwanese concert in Riverside, Taiwan.

On 7 September, G.E.M released her music video for her track Miracle (奇蹟).

18 Live[edit]

During 2009, G.E.M. held her first concert, 18 Live, from 20 to 22 November[24] at Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre Star Hall[7] (香港國際展貿中心). Originally, the concert was slated for two nights, however, due to its popularity, an extra performance was added on 22 November.[25] The concert also featured guests such as Jan Lamb[26] (林海峰), who has previously worked with G.E.M. for the song "食煙飲酒講粗口", and Justin Lo[27] (側田) who sang the first performance of "合唱歌" with G.E.M. at the concert.

G.E.M. Get Everybody Moving World Tour[edit]

In May 2011, G.E.M began her world tour G.E.M Get Everybody Moving World Tour, and performed in more than nine cities around the world. The tour showcased more than ten shows, including cities such as Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong Province, Australia, Toronto and US. Tickets for each of the three shows in Hong Kong were sold out in less than 15 minutes, and even caused the server of the website to crash. As there was a high demand for more shows, G.E.M added an additional two nights at the Hong Kong Coliseum in September 2011. Tickets for the additional shows were sold out in less than 45 minutes.

In March 2012, G.E.M. represented Hong Kong in three of the Asia Music Connection 2012 shows. She sung with Naoto Inti Raymi, Danson Tang and Crowd Lu in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong during the Asia leg of theTour.

G.E.M. Get Everybody Moving World Tour concert venues[edit]

G.E.M began the first leg of her World Tour on 14 May 2011 in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Colosseum. G.E.M performed three shows back to back, and was named the youngest female singer to grace the Colosseum.

On 27 August, G.E.M. held her first Australian Concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

G.E.M began the second leg of her World Tour Get Everybody Moving 2011 on 9 September in Hong Kong, performing two shows at the Hong Kong Colosseum.

On 15 October, G.E.M. held her first concert at the Guangzhou Gymnasium, filling the stadium with more than 10,000 fans.

On 16 December, G.E.M. had her first Canadian performance in Vancouver, Canada. Three days later, on 19 December, G.E.M had her second Canadian performance in Toronto.

G.E.M began the third leg of her tour in April 2012 in China, performing at Foshan Shi and Panyu.

In May 2012, G.E.M had her first US performance in Reno, Nevada USA.

X.X.X. Live Concert 2013[edit]

In mid-January 2013, Hummingbird Music announced the launch of G.E.M. world tour in 2013, first stop was a five-night show at the Hong Kong Coliseum, from 12–16 April 2013. On 21 September 2013 G.E.M. held her second tour concert in Guangzhou, in the Guangzhou Gymnasium.

G.E.M. Freelance Tour[edit]

In late 2011, G.E.M. started to plan for her Freelance Tour, whereby she would be on paid work experience to work at different industries to gain more non-music-related work history because she became a full-time singer at 16, and had never worked prior to that.

Episode One & Two[edit]

On 24 February, G.E.M. released the first episode of the series.[28] The episode showcased G.E.M. working at a juice stand in Causeway Bay. G.E.M. took on the role of making pancakes and fruit juices to a crowd of fans.

On 22 March, G.E.M worked as a weather anchor for Asia Television Limited.[29] The episode gave a behind the scenes look into the world of broadcasting. G.E.M's weather segment was featured after the evening news.

Episode Three[edit]

On the third episode of the Freelance tour, G.E.M decided to work as a domestic helper.[30] G.E.M explained that she wanted to experience their working conditions and lifestyle, since these domestic workers have taken on such a profound and an important role in Hong Kong's lifestyle. The trailer of the episode was posted on 18 May, while the full episode was broadcast on 21 May.[30] The episode received a lot of attention from the media, and was featured in the newspaper Apple Daily, entitled G.E.M Speaking for the minorities.

Episode Four, Five, Six & Seven[edit]

During her fourth episode, G.E.M attempted at working as a professional motorcyclist, but she also took 'time out' to become an excavator operator.[31]

In the fifth episode of the tour, G.E.M took on several summer jobs in the area of sales and services.[32] These jobs ranged from working at an ice cream truck, 7-11 convenience store shopkeeper and salesperson for Maybelline.

On the sixth episode of the Freelance tour, G.E.M. worked in Apple Daily, where she is the editor for the footages of her recent Awards Ceremony, and voice-over artist for Next Media Animation (Apple Action News).

On the seventh episode of the Freelance Tour, G.E.M. worked in Mai Po Nature Reserve as an educational officer for World Wildlife Fund.

Brand New Star[edit]

Aside from being a singer, songwriter and performer, G.E.M has also had an active role in discovering new artists. In 2010, G.E.M and her music label Hummingbird Music launched an online singing competition Brand New Star, which attracted many young and talented artists in Asia who entered the competition. G.E.M was a judge of the competition, and announced that the prize was a chance to work with music producer Lupo Groining.

The Borrower Arrietty (借東西の小矮人亞莉亞蒂) Theme Song[edit]

G.E.M was asked to re-write a Chinese version of the theme song for the Japanese animated film The Borrower Arrietty.

Arrietty (classified under the title The Borrower Arrietty 借東西の小矮人亞莉亞蒂) is a 2010 Japanese animated fantasy film directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, written by Hayao Miyazaki and Keiko Niwa and produced by Studio Ghibli. The film is based on British novelist Mary Norton's novel The Borrowers, which was written in 1955.

I Am A Singer – Season 2[edit]

On 29 December 2013 G.E.M. revealed on her Facebook and Weibo that she will participate in the Chinese singing competition I Am A Singer along with fellow singer such as Gary Chaw, Phil Chang and hometown singer – Zhou Bichang of Changsha. In the second episode, aired on 10 January 2014, she gained popularity through her performance of the song "存在", a song originally sung by Chinese rock star Wang Feng, which also increased her online presence in China as her Weibo followers increased almost ten-fold. In the third episode, aired on 17 January 2014, she reached first place by singing a cover of "Intoxicated". G.E.M.'s popularity rose in China after I Am a Singer aired. On the fourth episode aired on 24 January 2014, with the addition of her piano performance, she was once again ranked first place; she was the first to reach first place twice consecutively within a single round in the history of the show.[33] Throughout the show, she showed great versatility in her range of music styles, from languages (English, Mandarin and Cantonese), performance methods (dance, piano performance) and musical styles (high notes, pop, rock, R&B, rap). On 4 April 2014, she came second overall, losing to Han Lei, but she is the highest-ranked female artist for series 2 and for the entire history of the show, so she was crowned the Queen of Singers.


Year Title Role Other notes
2009 Love Connected
Ah Yee (阿儀) Guest
Trick or Cheat[35]
Herself Leading Actress

Television Appearances[edit]






Year Album information Track List Additional information
2008 G.E.M.
15 October 2008
1. "等一個他"
2. "Where Did U Go"
3. "回憶的沙漏"
4. "愛現在的我"
5. "睡公主”
Debut EP
2009 G.E.M. (2nd Edition)
23 January 2009
First 1,000 copies includes a G.E.M picture CD containing the game Drift City.
All comes with download code for three music videos
G.E.M. (3rd Edition)
22 April 2009
Comes with download code for three music videos & "Where Did U Go Version 2.0 Remix"
27 October 2009
1. "All About U"
2. "Game Over"
3. "想講你知"
4. "A.I.N.Y." ("愛你")
5. Mascara ("煙燻妝")
6. "我不懂愛"
7. "塞納河"
8. "意式戀愛"
9. "G.E.M. (Get Everybody Moving)"
10. 18
11. "Where Did You Go 2.0 (Sam Vahdat Remix)"
12. "Mascara (Glossy Version)"
13. "食煙飲酒講粗口" (3rd Edition only)
Debut Studio Album
18 Plus
27 October 2009
Limited Commemorative Edition 18 Plus[36] comes with:
- G.E.M. Photo book 18 Pix
- Exclusive stickers
- G.E.M. Key Holder
- 18 flip book
- Making of 18...DVD (with "All About U" MV)
18 USB
24 November 2009
Wooden USB (4GB) with
- all tracks in MP3 Format
- Making of 18...
- Wallpapers, Gallery & Icons
- Digital flipbook
- "All About U", "Game Over" & "想講你知" MV
2010 18 (3rd Edition)
11 February 2010
Contains bonus DVD:
- Making of 18...
- "All About You", "Game Over" & “想講你知” MV
18...(Taiwanese/Chinese Edition)[6][21]
14 May 2010
2. "A.I.N.Y." ("愛你")
3. "我不懂愛"
4. "Mascara" ("煙燻妝")
6. "塞納河"
8. "All About U"
9. "G.E.M. (Get Everybody Moving)"
10. "想講你知"
11. "Game Over"
12. "18"
All versions contain five postcards of G.E.M. & a bonus DVD with:
- “寫不完的溫柔”, "All About You", "Game Over" & “想講你知” MV

Deluxe version comes with the same bonus contents as 18 Plus
My Secret[37]
29 October 2010
1. "One Button"
2. "Good to be Bad"
3. "Get Over You"
4. "美好的舊時光 In My Heart"
5. "寂寞星球的玫瑰 The Rose"
6. "The Voice Within"
7. "我的秘密 My Secret"
8. "末日" "The End"
9. "Twinkle II"
10. "Say it Loud"
My Secret Limited Edition[38]
1 November 2010
Comes with:
- Diary photo book
- "The Voice Within" Webcam-V Kit
- Secret bonus DVD (featuring latest music video and making of the album documentary)
- G.E.M. wallet
2012 Xposed
5 July 2012
1. "What Have U Done"
2. "下一秒 (我們就要死掉)"
3. "Someday I'll Fly"
4. "泡沫"
5. "潛意式的殘酷"
6. "Oh Boy"
7. "After Tonight"
8. "失真"
9. "奇蹟"
10. "不存在的存在"
Xposed Limited Edition
10 July 2012
Comes with:
- Exclusive 'Xposed' photo album
- 'Xposed' multi-purpose necklace
- UV flashlight with hidden message
- 'Xposed' DVD:
01. Someday I'll Fly MV
02. Someday I'll Fly Behind The Scenes
04. WHAT HAVE U DONE Behind The Scenes
2013 THE BEST OF 2008–2012
28 March 2013
Disc 1:
1. "A.I.N.Y."
2. "Someday I'll Fly"
3. "All About U"
4. "泡沫"
5. "美好的舊時光 In My Heart"
6. "睡公主"
7. "情人 (Live)"
8. "回憶的沙漏"
9. "寂寞星球的玫瑰 The Rose"
10. "Mascara (煙燻妝)"
11. "G.E.M. (Get Everybody Moving)"
12. "Where Did U Go 2.0 (Sam Vahdat Remix)"
13. "你把我灌醉" (only on 2nd ver)

1. "Where Did U Go"
2. "Get Over You"
3. "Good to be Bad"
5. "想講你知"
6. "我的秘密 MySecret"
7. "奇蹟"
8. "賽納河"
9. "OH BOY"
10. "Twinkle II"
11. "18"
12. "A.I.N.Y. (Live Piano Version)"
13. "奇蹟 (Acoustic Mix) " (only on 2nd ver)
G.E.M.'s first greatest hits compilation.
The 2nd edition includes 2 previously unreleased tracks.
THE BEST OF 2008–2012 (Second Version)
4 July 2013
6 Nov 2013
Track 1–21 Live concert tracks
Disc 1:
1. "Into/After Tonight"
2. "One Button"
3. "OH BOY"
4. "Someday I'll Fly"
5. "泡沫"
6. "Get Over You"
7. "你把我灌醉"
8. "All About U"
9. "等一個他"
10. "我的秘密"
11. "下一秒 (我們就要死掉)"
12. "Good to be Bad"

1. "A.I.N.Y. "
2. "不存在的存在"
3. "潛意式的殘酷"
4. "我要我們在一起"
5. "失真"
6. "Hallelujah"
7. "WHAT HAVE U DONE/ 想講你知"
8. "G.E.M./ Rolling in the Deep"
9. "Where Did U Go"
10. 偶爾
11. 是否
12. 我的秘密
CD for the XXX Live concert
Including 3 new tracks from "Live Piano Session"

Music pop chart[edit]

Year Single Peak positions
RTHK Chinese Pop (中文歌曲龍虎榜) CRHK Ultimate 903 (903專業推介) Metro Radio Pop Chart 997 (新城勁爆本地榜) JSG Billboard (勁歌金榜) MOOV Chart (MOOV 本地榜) KKBOX HK (香港KKBOX本地榜) KKBOX TW (台灣KKBOX華語榜) QQ CHINA
2008 "等一個他" The One 3 2 - - 38 - -
"Where Did You Go" 1 2 4 2 5 - - -
"睡公主" Sleeping Beauty 4 - - 1 7 - - -
2009 "回憶的沙漏" (國) Sandglass - 20 - - 23 - - -
"All About U" 1 3 2 6 1 (2 wks) - - -
"Game Over" 1 2 1 2 2 - - -
"食煙飲酒講粗口" (林海峰 & G.E.M.) - 13 - - 5 - - -
"A.I.N.Y" ("愛你") (國)A 1 - - - 4 1 42 -
2010 "想講你知" Gotta Say It 11 5 3 - 9 - - -
"寫不完的溫柔" (國) - - - - 17 36 29 -
"合唱歌" (側田 & G.E.M.) 1 10 3 - 5 3 - -
"Good to Be Bad" 3 8 1 3 5 4 - -
"Get Over You" 3 1 4 2 1 2 - -
"Twinkle II" 2 - 2 - - 67 - -
"亞莉亞蒂之歌" Arrietty's Song - - 11 - 1 4 - -
2011 "我的秘密" My Secret 5 - - - - 5 - -
"The Voice Within" 11 - 1 - 24 15 - -
"寂寞星球的玫瑰" The Rose 3 - - - 53 32 - -
"Say it Loud" - - 2 - 73 75 - -
2012 "Someday I'll Fly" 1 2 1 - 7 5 - -
"What Have U Done" 1 1 1 1 3 13 - -
"OH BOY" - - - - - 40 - -
"奇蹟" Miracle - - - - - 34 - -
"泡沫" Bubble - - - - - 23 - -
"失真" Loss of Innocence - - - - - 72 - -
2013 "下一秒(我們就要死掉)" Next Second (We Will Die) - - - - - 82 - -
"潛意識的殘酷" (Subconscious Cruelty) - - - - - 92 - -
"你把我灌醉" (Intoxicated) - - - - - 1 - 3
"偶爾" (Sometimes) - - - - - 2 - 1

A charted May 2010 in Taiwan & Went to No. 1 in KKBOX Hong Kong in September 2010

Album Sales Chart

Year Album HKRM (香港唱片商會)[39] China(Sino-chart)[40]
2008 G.E.M. (EP) 1
2009 18... 1
2010 My Secret 1
2012 Xposed 1 23
2013 BEST OF 2008–2012 2 1



  • June, August, September, December performance: Langham Place Live Show
  • 31 August: Causeway Bay Live Show
  • 9 October: Causeway Bay Pedestrian EP signing
  • 21 November: G.E.M Backstage Live
  • 13 December: Langham Place G.E.M EP signing


  • 9 February: 左麟右李 Concert Guest
  • April: Leo Ku (古巨基) Eye Fever Concert Guest
  • 12 April: Easter G.E.M Party
  • 3 September: CD Bar [San Miguel x G.E.M. Summer Party]
  • 6 September: EMax [G.E.M x Jason Chen MOOV Musical]
  • 20 September: 叱咤叱叱咤幻想正発作音樂會
  • 10 October: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 讓愛延續 慈善演唱會
  • 14 November: I.T Loves G.E.M. Mini Concert
  • 20–22 November: 18 Live 2009 Concert
  • 16 December: G.E.M X Jonathan Wong [Sing. Compose. Jump] (M1 Bar)
  • 28 December: G.E.M Toronto 18 Mini Concert


  • 27 March: 港樂滬動音樂會
  • 7 May: Guangzhou Rose Gaga Hennessy artistry
  • 8 May: Shenzhen Rose Gaga Hennessy artistry
  • 30 July: G.E.M. x MR. 拉闊音樂擂台
  • 13 August: G.E.M. Live in Macau
  • 31 December: Macau Fisherman's Wharf New Year's Eve Party


  • 14 – 16 May: G.E.M. Get Everybody Moving 2011 Concert
  • 25 June: Macau Forum 夢成匙 Concert
  • 27 August: G.E.M. Get Everybody Moving Australia Concert
  • 9–10 September : G.E.M. Get Everybody Moving 2011 Concert Part 2
  • 15 October: G.E.M. Get Everybody Moving Guangzhou Concert
  • 22 October : G.E.M. Get Everybody Moving Macau Concert
  • 29 October: Langham Place Live Stage
  • 16 December: G.E.M. Get Everybody Moving Vancouver Concert
  • 19 December: G.E.M. Get Everybody Moving Toronto Concert
  • 31 December: Macau Fisherman’s Wharf New Year's Eve Party


  • 21 April: G.E.M. Get Everybody Moving Foshan Shi
  • 29 April: G.E.M. Get Everybody Moving Panyu
  • 26 May: G.E.M. Get Everybody Moving Reno, Nevada USA
  • 16 September: G.E.M [Xposed] Album signing and singing party at Tuen Wan City Landmark


List of Awards[edit]

2008 Awards[edit]

  • Yahoo! Buzz Awards New Influence Female Singer 2008
  • 新城勁爆(Metro Radio Hits Music Awards Presentation) Music World Newcomer Composing Singer 2008
  • MANHATTAN ID 信用咭 CR2 Female Newcomer Singer – Gold
  • 十大中文金曲 (RTHK Top Ten Gold Songs Awards)Best Newcomer – Silver
  • 十大勁歌金曲 (Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation) Best Female Newcomer – Gold
  • PM magazine Best New Female Vocal Performance
  • uChannel uChoice Best Female Newcomer – Gold
  • uChannel uChoice Top 10 songs – Where Did U Go
  • Canadian Hit Chinese Music Chart – Most Favored Female New Artist
  • IFPI Hong Kong Sales Award – Best New Female New Artist

2009 Awards[edit]

  • 勁歌金曲 (Jade Solid Gold)First Round – Where Did You Go
  • Guangzhou Chinese Music Festival – Fans favourite Female Singer
  • Yes! IDOL 2009 Hong Kong General Idol Election – The Most Popular Rising Idol
  • 新城 (Metro Radio) Mandarin Awards – Metro Broadcast New Mandarin Singer
  • 勁歌金曲 (Jade Solid Gold) Third Round – Game Over
  • TVB8 The world's favourite Cantonese Song – Where Did U Go
  • 新城勁爆(Metro Radio Hits Music Awards Presentation) Original Song – A.I.N.Y. (愛你)
  • 新城勁爆(Metro Radio Hits Music Awards Presentation) Deductive Award
  • 新城勁爆(Metro Radio Hits Music Awards Presentation)四台聯頒音樂大獎 Excellence Award – Silver
  • 十大勁歌金曲 (Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation) Excellence Award – Gold
  • 十大中文金曲 (RTHK Top Ten Gold Songs Awards)- Outstanding Singer Award
  • 十大中文金曲 (RTHK Top Ten Gold Songs Awards)Most Improvement Award – Gold
  • Canada HiT Nationwide's Top Ten most Respected Cantonese songs – All About U
  • KKBOX Digital Music Billboard – Hong Kong Most Popular Singer Award
  • IFPI Hong Kong Sales Award – Top 10 Best Selling Album "18…”
  • IFPI Hong Kong Sales Award – Top 10 Best Selling Artist

2010 Awards[edit]

  • 新城勁爆頒獎禮演繹大奬 – Metro Award Show – Best Performance
  • 新城勁爆頒創作歌手大奬 – Metro Award Show – Best Singer Songwriter
  • 新城勁爆頒金曲奬 – Metro Award Show – Best Song "Good To Be Bad
  • 新城國語力歌曲《A.I.N.Y.(愛你)》- Metro Mandarin Music Award Show – Best Song "A.I.N.Y.”
  • 新城飛躍校園中學生最欣賞的女歌手 – Metro Radio High School Research – the most popular female singer in Hong Kong
  • 明報周刊演藝動力大奬2010 - 最突出女歌手 – Ming Pao Magazine 2010 – Most Outstanding Female Artist
  • 第33屆十大中文金曲- 優秀流行歌手大奬 – RTHK Top Ten Golden Chinese Songs Award – Outstanding Pop Artist
  • 第33屆十大中文金曲-十大金曲奬 (Get Over You) – RTHK Top Ten Golden Chinese Songs Award – Ten Best "Get Over You”
  • 勁歌金曲優秀選第二回 - 《Good To Be Bad) – TVB Music Award Fall Season best song – Good to be Bad
  • 十大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮 – 傑出表現奬 (銀奬) – Top Ten TVB Music Award – Outstanding Artist (silver)
  • 全球華語歌曲排行榜 – 地區傑出歌手奬 (香港) – Global Chinese Music Billboard – Outstanding Artist (Hong Kong)
  • 《雪碧榜》我最喜愛人氣偶像獎(香港區)- Sprite Music Chart – My favorite Artist (Hong Kong)
  • 《雪碧榜》飛躍表演獎 – Sprite Music Chart – Most Outstanding Artist

2011 Awards[edit]

  • IFPI香港唱片銷量大獎 IFPI Hong Kong Sales Award – Top 10 Best Selling Album《MySecret》
  • IFPI香港唱片銷量大獎 IFPI Hong Kong Sales Award – Most downloaded song《A.I.N.Y.》
  • 廣州音乐先鋒榜 – 先鋒演繹歌手
  • 廣州音乐先鋒榜 – 最佳先鋒創作歌手
  • 新城國語力 Metro Mandarin Music Award Show – Most Popular Album《MySecret》
  • 新城國語力 Metro Mandarin Music Award Show – Best Female Singer
  • 新城飛躍校園中學生最欣賞的女歌手 – Metro Radio High School Research – the most popular female singer in Hong Kong
  • 華語金曲獎-優秀大碟
  • 華語金曲獎-優秀演繹女歌手
  • 劲歌王•金曲金榜-粵語金曲獎
  • 劲歌王•金曲金榜-卓越表現大獎
  • 武漢音樂先鋒榜 – 年度十大金曲獎 《寂寞星球的玫瑰》
  • 武漢音樂先鋒榜 – 年度最受歡迎女歌手五強
  • 新城勁爆頒獎典禮2011 Metro Radio Hits Music Awards Presentation – Best Female Singer
  • 新城勁爆頒獎典禮2011 Metro Radio Hits Music Awards Presentation – Best Stage Performance
  • 第34屆十大中文金曲 RTHK Top Ten Golden Chinese Songs Award – Top 10 popular Singers
  • 第34屆十大中文金曲 RTHK Top Ten Golden Chinese Songs Award – Best Mandarine Pop Song Silver《MySecret》
  • 第34屆十大中文金曲 RTHK Top Ten Golden Chinese Songs Award – Best Pop Song Composer

2012 Awards[edit]

  • 新城國語力頒獎禮 Metro Mandarin Music Award Show – Best Mandarine Song《Oh Boy》
  • 新城國語力頒獎禮 Metro Mandarin Music Award Show – Best Female Singer
  • 新城國語力頒獎禮 Metro Mandarin Music Award Show – Singer of the Year
  • 新城勁爆頒獎禮 Metro Radio Hits Music Awards Presentation – Best Album《Xposed》
  • 新城勁爆頒獎禮 Metro Radio Hits Music Awards Presentation – Song of the Year《Someday I'll Fly》
  • 新城勁爆頒獎禮 Metro Radio Hits Music Awards Presentation – Best Female Singer
  • 勁歌金曲優秀選第二回 TVB Music Award Fall Season best song 《WHAT HAVE U DONE》
  • TVB8金曲榜頒獎典禮 Golden Melody Song《OH BOY》
  • TVB8金曲榜頒獎典禮 Best Singer-Song Writer (Gold)
  • 十大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮 Top Ten TVB Music Award – Top 10 Best Songs《WHAT HAVE U DONE》
  • 十大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮 Top Ten TVB Music Award – Most Popular Singer-Song Writer (Silver)
  • 十大中文金曲頒獎音樂會 RTHK Top Ten Golden Chinese Songs Award – Top 10 popular Singers
  • 十大中文金曲頒獎音樂會 RTHK Top Ten Golden Chinese Songs Award – Top 10 Best Songs《WHAT HAVE U DONE》
  • 十大中文金曲頒獎音樂會 RTHK Top Ten Golden Chinese Songs Award – Lyrics Writer Award
  • Yahoo!人氣大獎2012 – Top 10 Hit Songs《WHAT HAVE U DONE》
  • Yahoo!人氣大獎2012 – Top 10 Hit Albums《Xposed》
  • 加拿大至HIT中文歌曲排行榜 全國推崇女歌手
  • 加拿大至HIT中文歌曲排行榜 全國推崇十大歌曲《Someday I'll Fly》
  • SINA Music樂壇民意指數頒獎禮 SINA Music – Top 20 Most Air-played Songs《Someday I'll Fly》
  • SINA Music樂壇民意指數頒獎禮 SINA Music – Best Online Promotion Singer
  • SINA Music樂壇民意指數頒獎禮 SINA Music – Female Singer-Song Writer Award
  • IFPI香港唱片銷量大獎頒奬禮2012 – Top 10 Best Selling Albums《Xposed》
  • IFPI香港唱片銷量大獎頒奬禮2012 – Best Selling Mandarine Album of the Year《Xposed》
  • IFPI香港唱片銷量大獎頒奬禮2012 – Top 10 Best Selling Hong Kong Singers
  • IFPI香港唱片銷量大獎頒奬禮2012 – Best Selling Hong Kong Female Singer of the Year
  • 演藝人傑出表現獎頒獎典禮2012 音樂傑出表現女歌手

2013 Awards[edit]

  • 第24屆金曲獎 Taiwan Golden Melody Award – Nominated Best Female Singer
  • 新城國語力頒獎禮2013 Metro Mandarin Music Award Show – Best Female Singer
  • 新城國語力頒獎禮2013 Metro Mandarin Music Award Show – Best Mandarine Song《你把我灌醉》
  • 新城國語力頒獎禮2013 Metro Mandarin Music Award Show – Singer of the Year
  • 新城國語力頒獎禮2013 Metro Mandarin Music Award Show – Best Composer《潛意式的殘酷》(with Lupo Groining)
  • 新城勁爆頒獎禮 Metro Radio Hits Music Awards Presentation – Most Air-played Singer of the Year
  • 2013 Yahoo! Buzz Award – Most Hit MV 《偶爾》
  • 2013 Yahoo! Buzz Award – Most Hit Concert《G.E.M. X.X.X. LIVE 世界巡迴演唱會》
  • 2013 Yahoo! Buzz Award – Most Hit Mandarin Song《你把我灌醉》



  • Famine 30 – Hunger Angel
  • Hong Kong Children's Story Telling Competition – Cheering Ambassador
  • The Sun Project – Sun Girl
  • All Hong Kong Secondary Schools Dancing Competition – Dancing Ambassador


  • Cervical cancer Union – Ambassador to prevent Cervical Cancer
  • Disneyland – Tracking Stitch Ambassador
  • Hong Kong Youth Translation Competition – Publicity Ambassador
  • Project Kaisei – Youth Ambassador[23]
  • Towngas – Low Carbon Ambassador

2011, 2012 & 2013[edit]

  • Changing Young Lives Foundation (2011) – Youth Ambassador
  • Asia Television Limited Outstanding Hong Kong Figures 2012 (ATV2012感動香港人物推選) (2012) – Ambassador
  • WWF HK- Earth Hour (2013) – Ambassador
  • Shark Savers HK (2013) – Ambassador


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