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Gemesis Diamond Company
Privately held company
Industry Diamond
Founded 1996 (now defunct)
Founder Carter Clarke
Headquarters New York City, NY, United States
Key people
Michael Chernick: Director of Operations
Products Lab-Created Diamonds

Gemesis Inc., d/b/a Gemesis Diamond Company, was a privately held company located in New York City, NY. The corporation grew diamonds using proprietary technology. Gemesis had the world's largest facilities for both the high pressure–high temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond production methods. Using these methods, Gemesis produced high-quality colorless and fancy color diamonds that have lower prices than mined natural diamonds of similar quality. Gemesis is the principal producer of gem-quality lab-created diamonds and jewelry. Principal shareholder Jatin Mehta disbanded the company in 2013.

Gemesis started marketing its diamonds by cutting and polishing them and then selling them to jewelry retailers on the wholesale market. In 2012, the company began also selling polished diamonds and diamond jewelry directly to consumers through its website.

Production process[edit]

In the company's HPHT diamond-growing method, carbon, in graphite form, is placed in a cylindrical "core". A tiny seed diamond is placed at the bottom of the cylinder. The graphite is subjected to extreme pressure, 850,000 lbf/in² (5.9 GPa) and temperature, 3000 °F (1600 °C) for four days. During the period, the carbon atoms within the molten metal crystallize on top of the seed diamond. A yellow gem quality diamond up to 3 carats (600 mg) in size grows inside the resolidified metal cylinder. The metal cylinder is then dissolved in mild acid and the diamond crystal is extracted.

With the addition or elimination of certain impurities under controlled conditions, diamonds of various color can be produced. Since nitrogen is abundant in the atmosphere, the HPHT process is more likely to produce bright yellow diamonds than any other color (although natural yellow diamonds often have higher value than white diamonds). The yellow tint occurs when approximately five out of each 100,000 carbon atoms in the diamond crystal lattice are replaced with nitrogen atoms.

Available in the purest Type IIa colorless and rare fancy yellow colors, the company's diamonds have the same cut, color and clarity, as well as identical chemical, optical and physical characteristics as the highest-quality mined diamonds.

Company history[edit]

The company was founded in 1996 by Carter Clarke, a retired United States Army brigadier general. In 2006, Stephen D. Lux became its chief executive officer. Lux had substantial prior experience in the diamond industry. In December 2012, Gemesis announced Lux had stepped down as the company's Chief Executive Officer.[1]

Gemesis successfully created the world's largest lab-created diamond in April 2013, only to break that record in mid November. The first was an emerald cut 1.29 carat. The newest stone is a princess cut at 1.78 carat.[2]

Marketing strategy[edit]

The company highlights several advantages of its diamonds over those produced by natural processes:

Diamonds over 0.23 carats sold via are laser inscribed to identify their origin and are certified by industry authorities such as the International Gemological Institute.

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