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Industry Telecommunications
Founded Austin, TX (1999)
Area served
Key people
David Walsh (President and CEO)
Products IP switching
Application Server
Session Border Controllers
Media gateway
Multimedia Switching
Session Routing Proxies
Unified communication solutions

Increase US$ 711 million (2011)[1]

Increase US$ 700+ million (2010)[2][3]
Number of employees

Genband is a privately held company that makes IP multimedia application software and infrastructure products for fixed wireline, mobile, and cable network service providers as well as large enterprises. The company was formed in 1999 as General Bandwidth and since 2010 is headquartered in Frisco, Texas.[5]

It has major operations in 50 countries and employs over 1,700 employees. Genband works with about 80 of the global top 100 network operators.[6]


Genband was formed in 1999 as General Bandwidth by Paul Carew, Brendon Mills, Ron Lutz and Steve Raich in Austin, Texas.[7][8] The company received initial funding of $12 million from venture capitalists and has been private since then.[8]

In 2004, Charles Vogt joined the company as CEO and President, and the company grew from 80 people to approximately 2,200 people by 2010.[9] In March 2006, General Bandwidth changed its name to Genband, Inc. and moved its headquarters to Plano, Texas.[5] Genband started as media gateway vendor selling G6 media gateway,[10] but later branched out to IP switching, IP Applications, IMS[10] and Session Border Controllers.

The company expanded its product portfolio through multiple acquisitions. Genband grew from $5 million in revenues in 2004 to the market share leader of the $2.5 billion carrier voice over IP (VoIP) industry by 2011[11] when it was recognized as an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company for five years in a row.[12] For the year 2010 Genband had US$ 750 million in revenues.[13][14]

In 2007, Genband acquired Tekelec’s Switching Solutions Group, which expanded Genband’s product offerings in applications software and SIP trunking gateways.[15] In 2008, the company acquired Nokia Siemens Networks’ Surpass HiG media gateway product portfolio, including fixed-line trunking media gateways.[16] The company concluded 2008 with the acquisition of NextPoint Networks, which included session border controller (SBCs) and security gateway offerings.[17]

In 2010, Genband purchased Nortel Networks's Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions (CVAS) business for $182.5 million. Nortel accepted its Stalking horse offer of $282 million,[18] with adjustments that decreased the net sale price by about $100 million, without a formal bidding process.[19][20] The acquisition quadrupled the size of the company and made Genband the market share leader in carrier VoIP.[21][22][23] Genband challenged the price formula used and in August 2011 a Canadian court reduced the price by $25 million—bringing the final price to $157.7 million.[24]

Following the acquisition, Genband announced a product roadmap based on Genband GENiUS, a software centric, unified IP switching and networking platform,[25] which integrates the company's application server, call control, session border controller and security products and simplifies building and managing networks.[26]

In 2011, Genband acquired Cedar Point Communications, increasing its VoIP market share position in the cable industry.[27][28]

In 2012, Genband acquired Aztek Networks, a switch maker specializing in hardware that allows for a smoother transition from legacy to IP networks.[29]

In 2013, Genband acquired fring, an Over-the-top (OTT) mobile IP communications service provider.[30]

In 2014, Genband acquired uReach Technologies, a provider of UC and messaging solutions.[31]

In 2014, Genband introduced the Generation Enterprise family of unified communications products and services for business customers.[32]


Service Provider Market

Enterprise Market



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