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The male and female symbols together usually indicate a unisex toilet.

A unisex public toilet, or unisex toilet, unisex bathroom, family toilet, or gender-neutral bathroom, is a public restroom or toilet that people of any gender or gender identity may use; this definition family restrooms for family or elderly use. Developers may use such restrooms to save costs and space by eliminating the need for a separate facility; e.g., airliners, trains, or buses, unisex toilets are used.


Unisex restrooms are adopted in the US primarily because increasingly many elderly couples include a person whose mobility issues necessitates the other's assistance.[citation needed] Furthermore, transgender advocacy groups in the United States promote unisex restrooms, believing that they eliminate harassment and other inconveniences that transgender and gender non conforming people experience when using gender segregated bathrooms.[citation needed]

In 2005, five American cities, among these, San Francisco and New York, required that public restroom access be based on persons' perceived gender identity rather than their birth sex.[1]

In the United Kingdom, unisex toilets are sometimes found on university campuses. Also, in early 2013, Brighton and Hove city council introduced unisex toilets.[1]

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