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Eugenio R. Gonzalez, popularly known as Chef Gene, is a Filipino chef, restaurateur, educator, management consultant, and author. He is the founder and president of the Center for Asian Culinary Studies.

Business experience[edit]

Gonzalez started doing corporate work in a bank when he found his calling in the culinary field. In 1981, at age 23, he resigned and opened his own coffeeshop named Cafe Ysabel in the municipality of San Juan in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Culinary training[edit]

Gonzalez honed his culinary skills through a series of apprenticeships in France and Italy. He also completed various specialized courses in food arts at the Culinary Institute of America and the California Culinary Academy. He also completed an extensive chocolate training at the Barry Callebaut Chocolate College in Singapore.


Gonzalez has received numerous awards for restaurant and hospitality management. He is the sole TOYM (Ten Outstanding Young Men) Awardee in Culinary Arts and has been honored by the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines, the International Food Service Executive Association, and the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Educators of the Philippines.
Knighted by Ordre Mondial Des Gourmets Degustateurs
Knighted by Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs
Promoted to Charge de Presse (1987)
Promoted to Conseiller Culinaire (1988) Top Male Achiever in the Food Service by 1988
International Food Service Executive Association (Philippines Branch)
Founding Member Alta Cocina Filipina(Philippine Contemporary Cuisine Movement)
Ten Outstanding Young Men Awardee (Culinary Arts 1992)
The Gerry Roxas Foundation Award for Excellence
Book Published Cocina Sulipeña: Culinary Gems from Old Pampanga (1993)
Published Pinoy Classic Series: The Inihaw, Ensalada, Adobo, And Pancit Books (1999)
Promoted to Maitre Rotisseur (1999)
Published Pinoy Classic Series: The Kakanin, Sabaw, Gulay Philippine Bar Book (2001)
National Book Awards for his Little Cookbook Series 2002 Archer Achiever of the College of Liberal Arts (2000- 2001) DLSU, Taft
La Salle Dove Award for Excellence (2000- 2001) DLSU, Taft
Published Fundamentals of Professional Cooking and Baking Textbook (2002)
Knighted by The Confradia de Caballeros de San Miguel de Las Viñas, Spain (2003)
Promoted to Commandeur by Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs 2004


Gonzalez is the chef-owner of Cafe Ysabel, an upscale fine dining restaurant in San Juan, Metro Manila. He is also the a professor, the founder and president of Center for Asian Culinary Studies, a culinary school specializing in Asian, European and fusion cuisine. He also chairs Supreme Food and Beverage Consultancy, a management consulting firm catering to businesses in the hotel and restaurant field.

Media experience[edit]

Gonzalez has hosted cooking shows on television. Between the years 1999 to 2004, he was the culinary chef and host of RPN 9's "How 'Bout My Place". He has written books and magazine articles on topics related to Philippine and international cuisine.

Organizational affiliations[edit]

Gonzalez is a conseiller culinaire of the National Board of the Chaine des Rotisseurs. He is a member of International Wine and Food Society based in London. He is also a founding member of Alta Cocina Filipina, a culinary group which aims to promote and elevate the standards of Philippine cuisine.


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  • Cocina Sulipeña: Culinary Gems from Old Pampanga. The Bookmark, Inc, 1993
  • Pinoy Classic Cuisine Series. Anvil Publishing.
  • East Meets East. Anvil Publishing.

Personal life[edit]

  • Chef Gene has a son named Gino Gonzalez. He is also a chef-instructor and television host.
  • Chef Gene has competed and won two gold medals in fencing at the Southeast Asian Games.
  • Chef Gene was a member of Kundirana, LSGH's well-renowned singing group.
  • Chef Gene has a daughter named Giannina who is a foreign trained professional food stylist and culinarian.
  • Chef Gene is a black belter in Karate and a current member of Karate Development Arts and Sports (KDA).[1]


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