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Gene Kardos (June 12, 1899 – July 27, 1980) was leader of a jazz and dance orchestra starting in 1931 and running through 1938. He first recorded for Victor in 1931-32 and thereafter recorded for ARC's labels (Perfect, Melotone, Banner, Oriole, Romeo, Vocalion etc.) through 1938.

Among his musicians were Mike Doty (clarinet, sax) and Joel Shaw (piano). There were a sizable group of Kardos recordings issued on Crown under Shaw's name and a handful of Bluebird's under Doty's name.

Many of his early 1930s records are prized by 'hot' dance band collectors. From the mid-1930s, Kardos' style changed more to a hotel dance band style. Dick Robertson was the vocalist on many of his recordings.


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