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For the basketball player, see Gene Phillips (basketball). For the American author, educator and priest, see Gene D. Phillips.

Gene Phillips (born Eugene Floyd Phillips, July 25, 1915, St. Louis, Missouri)[1] was an American jump blues guitarist and singer.[2]

He was influenced by, and a fan of, Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris, Duke Ellington and Count Basie, Big Joe Turner and Jimmy Rushing.[2]


He joined the St Louis bands of Dewey Jackson and Jimmy Powell and was later taught lap steel guitar by Floyd Smith.[2] He later went on to join Lorenzo Flennoy's Trio.

In late 1945 he recorded with Lucky Thompson in a band also featuring Marshall Royal and Charles Mingus.[3]

His Rhythm Aces, the band he used on his Modern recordings for the Bihari Brothers, included Jake Porter, trumpet; drummer Al "Cake" Wichard; Maxwell Davis, Marshall Royal, Jack McVea, Bumps Meyers, Willard McDaniel, Lloyd Glenn, Bill Street and Art Edwards.[4]

Some sources claim Phillips died in 1990.


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