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The General (train numbers 48 and 49) was the Pennsylvania Railroad's number two train between New York and Chicago. Only a bit slower than the Broadway Limited, it had no extra fare and for a time before World War Two, carried more passengers than the Broadway Limited or the New York Central's Twentieth Century Limited. The General was inaugurated in 1937, and carried coaches and Pullmans. It received some new lightweight equipment in 1938 as part of the fleet of modernism, but it was mostly heavyweight until 1940. It was the only "Fleet of Modernism" train to be streamlined without an observation car. It lost its coaches when the Advance General was inaugurated in 1940. It was re-equipped with lightweight sleeping cars from both the pre-war Broadway, and new cars from post-war orders. At this time, it also carried the Broadway's pre-war observation cars. In 1951 the General lost its all-Pullman status when it was combined with the all-coach Trail Blazer for non-peak travel periods only. In 1952 this consolidation became permanent, and by 1960, the Trail Blazer name was dropped. In 1967 the General was renamed the Broadway Limited when that train lost its numbers and all-Pullman status.