General Artigas Bridge

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The bridge, from the port of Paysandú.

The General Artigas Bridge is a road bridge that crosses the Uruguay River and joins Argentina and Uruguay. It runs between Colón, Entre Ríos Province, Argentina, and Paysandú, Paysandú Department, Uruguay. It is a cantilever bridge with a total length of 2,350 metres (7,709 ft). The main span of the bridge measures 334 metres (1,095 ft) in length.

The bridge is named after José Gervasio Artigas, the father of Uruguayan independence. It was inaugurated on December 10, 1975.


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Coordinates: 32°15′53″S 58°6′0″W / 32.26472°S 58.10000°W / -32.26472; -58.10000