General Electric Passport

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Type Turbofan
National origin United States
Manufacturer GE Aviation
Major applications Bombardier Global 7000
Bombardier Global 8000
Developed from CFM International LEAP-X

The General Electric Passport (formerly called TechX) is a high bypass turbofan engine currently under development by GE Aviation, in cooperation with Safran.[1] It is designed to produce power in the 10,000 to 20,000 pounds-force (44 to 89 kN) thrust category, such as the Bombardier Global 7000 and 8000. It is being developed in parallel with the larger CFM International LEAP-X, and includes many similar technologies, like blisks and NOx reducing combustors.[2] GE sees potential in using the engine both on large cabin business jets and regional aircraft, where it will replace the CF34 in GE's product line.


GE is developing the core from the LEAP-X eCore technology, using a 52 inches (130 cm) metal fan blisk, the first application of such technology on an engine this size. In addition to eliminating the need to balance a hub and blade system, the blisk eliminates air leaks around the fan blades, thus improving its aerodynamic efficiency.[3] The testing of the engineering cores began in 2010, with a second core set to be ready in 2011.[2]Passport will also feature a slimline nacelle with clam-shell cowl opening; these features reduce weight and drag.[4]

On May 16, 2011, the TechX was renamed the Passport.[5] On December 30, 2014, GE mounted the first 16,500 lb thrust Passport engine on its Boeing 747-100 flying engine test bed. GE also completed hail and bird ingestion tests for the engine.

Specifications (TechX)[edit]

Data from [2]

General characteristics

  • Type: High bypass Turbofan
  • Length: in (cm)
  • Diameter: 52 inches (130 cm)
  • Dry weight: 3,700 pounds (1,700 kg)


  • Compressor: Axial, 1 stage fan, 3 stage low pressure compressor, 10 stage high pressure compressor
  • Combustors: Annular
  • Turbine: Axial, 2 stage high pressure turbine, 4 stage low pressure turbine
  • Fuel type: Jet-A


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