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General der Pioniere (General of the Engineers) was a rank of German Army General introduced by the Wehrmacht in 1938.

The rank was equivalent to the long established General der Kavallerie, General der Artillerie and General der Infanterie. The Wehrmacht also introduced General der Gebirgstruppen (mountain troops), General der Nachrichtentruppen (signals), General der Flieger (aviators), General der Fallschirmtruppen (parachute troops) and General der Panzertruppen (armored troops).

German Pioniere referred to what English-speakers would call combat engineers or sappers, whereas the German Ingenieur-Korps was responsible for fortifications and other military construction.

Note: The rank of General does not translate directly to the English-speaking rank. A General commanded a corps, not an army like a British or American General, hence was the equivalent of a Lieutenant General.

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