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Generation Identity (Fr. "Génération Identitaire") is a pro-European socio-political identity movement started in France in 2002 as a far right youth movement. Whilst once classed as the youth wing of Bloc Identitaire, it has taken on its own identity and is largesly classed as a separate entity altogether and has spread all across Europe.

In 2013 Markus Willinger, born in 1992, who grew up in Scharding, Austria wrote a manifesto entitled 'Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the '68ers', and translated into English from the German by Arktos and published in 2013.

Willinger has been politically active on the alternative Right since he was fifteen years old, and is now a student of history and political science at the University of Stuttgart.

Generation Identity is a budding identitarian movement, and is outlined in 41 brief and direct chapters in his book.

As their symbol they use the Lambda.


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