Geneva (typeface)

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Category Sans-serif
Classification Realist sans-serif
Designer(s) Susan Kare
Foundry Apple Computer

Geneva is a realist sans-serif typeface designed by Susan Kare for Apple Computer. It is one of the oldest fonts shipped with the Macintosh operating system. The original version was a bitmap font, but later versions were converted to TrueType when that technology became available on the Macintosh platform. Because this Macintosh font is not commonly available on other platforms, many find Verdana or Arial to be an acceptable substitute.

Geneva was originally a redesigned version of the famous Linotype typeface Helvetica; the TrueType version of the font is somewhat different.

A slightly modified version of Geneva known as Simple can be found in the Apple Newton operating system.


  • Notes on 4 Apple Fonts — a description of the design of the TrueType versions of Chicago, New York, Geneva and Monaco.