Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television Award for Best Achievement in Sound Editing

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The Genie Award for Best Achievement in Sound Editing is awarded by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television to the best Canadian sound editor.

1st Genie Awards[edit]

2nd Genie Awards[edit]

3rd Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Peter Thilaye, Andy Malcolm and Peter Jermyn, Heavy Metal
  • Austin Grimaldi, Joe Grimaldi, Peter Shewchuk and Dino Pigat, The Amateur
  • Joe Grimaldi, David Appleby, Gary C. Bourgeois, Austin Grimaldi, Ian Hendry and Andy Herman, Funeral Home
  • Don Cohen and Michel Descombes, Heartaches
  • Michel Descombes and Patrick Rousseau, Les Plouffe
  • Marc Chiasson, Glen Gauthier, Don White, David Appleby and Bruce Carwardine, Ticket to Heaven

4th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Martin Ashbee, Kenneth Heeley-Ray, Kevin Ward and David Evans, Quest for Fire
  • Rod Crawley, Tony Currie, Peter Thilaye and Bruce Nyznik, The Grey Fox
  • Bruce Carwardine, Brian French, Glen Gauthier, Tim Roberts and Brian Rosen, Harry Tracy, Desperado
  • Wayne Griffin and Dennis Drummond, Melanie
  • Bruce Nyznik, Sharon Lackie and Tony Currie, Threshold

5th Genie Awards[edit]

6th Genie Awards[edit]

7th Genie Awards[edit]

8th Genie Awards[edit]

9th Genie Awards[edit]

10th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Terry Burke, Richard Cadger, David Giammarco, Wayne Griffin and David Evans, Dead Ringers
  • Jane Tattersall, Tony Currie, Terry Burke, Marta Nielsen Sternberg and Wayne Griffin, Buying Time
  • David Evans, Kenneth Heeley-Ray, Richard Cadger, Robin Leigh and Drew King, Iron Eagle II
  • Andy Malcolm, Alison Grace, Michael O'Farrell, Peter Thilaye and Penny Hozy, The Kiss
  • Alison Clark, Greg Glynn, Alison Grace, Andy Malcolm and Denise McCormick, A Winter Tan

11th Genie Awards[edit]

12th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Alison Grace, Gael MacLean, Anne Bakker, Debra Rurak and Cal Shumiatcher, Angel Square
  • Terry Burke, Jim Hopkins, Tony Currie, Charles Bowers and Ellen Adams, Beautiful Dreamers
  • Gudrun Christian, Andy Malcolm, Michelle Cooke, Abby Jack Neidik and Diane Le Floch, Falling Over Backwards
  • Jérôme Décarie, Marcel Pothier, Antoine Morin and Diane Boucher, Moody Beach
  • Gael MacLean, Alison Grace, Mike Keeping, Ingrid Rosen and Anke Bakker, Showdown at Williams Creek

13th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Richard Cadger, Wayne Griffin, David Evans, Jane Tattersall, Andy Malcolm and Tony Currie, Naked Lunch
  • Jérôme Décarie, Mathieu Beaudin, Carole Gagnon and Marcel Pothier, Being at Home with Claude
  • Marcel Pothier, Jean-Pierre Lelong, Richard Grégoire, Mathieu Beaudin, Carole Gagnon and Jacques Plante, Léolo
  • Charles O'Shea, Shane Shemko, Cal Shumiatcher, Alison Grace and Marti Richa, North of Pittsburgh
  • Jane Tattersall, Drew King, Wayne Griffin, Tony Currie and Andy Malcolm, South of Wawa
  • Jérôme Décarie, Diane Boucher, Michel Bordeleau, Francine Poirier and Claude Beaugrand, La Vie fantôme

14th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Anne Bakker, Gael MacLean, Alison Grace, Maureen Wetteland and Ellen Gram, The Lotus Eaters
  • Shane Shemko, Anke Bakker, Alison Grace and Cam Wagner, Harmony Cats
  • Andy Malcolm, Jane Tattersall, Dale Sheldrake, Penny Hozy and Sean Kelly, I Love a Man in Uniform
  • Marc Chiasson, Terry Burke, Jane Tattersall, Sean Kelly, Drew King, Tony Currie and Diane Boucher, La Florida
  • Jacques Plante, Viateur Paiement, Myriam Poirier, Jérôme Décarie and Antoine Morin, Le sexe des étoiles

15th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Cal Shumiatcher, Eric Hill, Marti Richa, Issac Strozberg and Shane Shemko, Whale Music
  • Sue Conley, Andy Malcolm, Paul Shikata, Peter Winninger and Steve Munro, Exotica
  • Michel B. Bordeleau, Diane Boucher, Natalie Fleurant and Jérôme Décarie, Matusalem
  • Jacques Plante, Antoine Morin, Jérôme Décarie and Michel Arcand, Mouvements du désir
  • Marti Richa, Eric Hill, Shane Shemko, Cal Shumiatcher and Jacqueline Cristianini, Road to Saddle River

16th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Michael Pacek, Michael Werth, Andy Malcolm, Steven Munro, Peter Winniger, Dance Me Outside
  • Jacques Plante, Antoine Morin, Nick Berry, Jérôme Décarie, Diane Boucher, Le Confessionnal
  • Martin Pinsonnault, Alice Wright, Diane Boucher, Louis Dupire, François Dupire, Liste Noire
  • Jacqueline Christianini, Sheena Macrae, Anke Bakker, Sean Kelly, Marc Chiasson, Irving Mulch, Magic in the Water
  • Paul Shikata, Tim Roberts, Andy Malcolm, Paul Germann, Steven Munro, The Michelle Apartments

17th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon John Douglas Smith, John Laing, Wayne Griffin, Tom Bjelic, Dale Sheldrake, Andy Malcolm, David Evans, Crash
  • Fred Brennan, Daniel Pellerin, Virginia Storey, Paula Fairfield, Yann Delpuech, House
  • Andy Malcolm, David McCallum, Yuri Gorbachow, Jane Tattersall, Fred Brennan, Sue Conley, Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy
  • Jean-Pierre Pinard, Jérôme Décarie, Serge Fortin, Raymond Vermette, Mario Rodrigue, Jacques Plante, Le Polygraphe
  • Donna Powell, Janice Ierulli, Rich Harkness, Jane Tattersall, Diane Boucher, Tony Currie, Lilies

18th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Steve Munro, David Drainie Taylor, Sue Conley, Andy Malcolm, Goro Koyama, The Sweet Hereafter
  • Martin Pinsonnault, Alice Wright, Diane Boucher, Louis Dupire, Monique Vézina, Karmina
  • Marcel Pothier, Guy Pelletier, Myriam Poirier, Mathieu Beaudin, Jérôme Décarie, La Comtesse de Baton Rouge
  • Guy Francoeur, Marcel Pothier, Viateur Paiement, Antoine Morin, Myriam Poirier, La Conciergerie
  • Jérôme Décarie, Mathieu Beaudin, Jacques Plante, Myriam Poirier, Le Siège de l'âme

19th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Phong Tran, Paul Shikata, Clive Turner, Donna Powell, David Evans and Rick Cadger, Such a Long Journey
  • Jill Purdy, Stephen Barden, Craig Henighan, John Sievert, Sue Conley and John Laing, Cube
  • Paula Fairfield, John Sievert, Tony Currie and Alastair Gray, Regeneration
  • James Genn, Adam Gejdos, James Fonnyadt, Jacqueline Cristianini, Kirby Jinnah and Cam Wagner, Rupert's Land
  • Jacques Plante, Jérôme Décarie, Antoine Morin, Carole Gagnon, Marcel Pothier and Guy Pelletier, The Red Violin

20th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Jane Tattersall, Andy Malcolm, Fred Brennan, David McCallum and Dina Eaton, Sunshine
  • Sue Conley, Steve Munro, Tim Roberts, David Drainie Taylor and Andy Malcolm, Felicia's Journey
  • Louis Dupire, Christian Rivest, Diane Boucher, Jérôme Décarie and Alice Wright, Le Dernier souffle
  • Donna Powell, Rick Cadger, Alastair Gray and Clive Turner, The Divine Ryans
  • Ed Douglas, Garrett Kerr, Janice Ierulli, E. Angie Pajek and Terry Burke, The Five Senses

21st Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Fred Brennan, Jane Tattersall, Susan Conley, Robert Warchol, Garrett Kerr, Steven Hammond and David McCallum, Love Come Down
  • Maija Burnett, Brendan Ostrander, Kris Fenske, John Ludgate and Dean Giammarco, Here's to Life!
  • Carole Gagnon, Mathieu Beaudin, Antoine Morin, Francois Senneville and Jérôme Décarie, Maelström
  • Michel Bordeleau, Pierre-Jules Audet, Marc Gagnon, Jérôme Décarie and Natalie Fleurant, The Art of War
  • Paul Hubert, Steven Gurman, Richard Betanzos, Glenn Tussman, Vincent Regaudie and Michael Gurman, To Walk with Lions

22nd Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon John Sievert, Stephen Barden, Joe Bracciale, Kevin Banks, Virginia Storey, Treed Murray
  • Donna Powell, Mishann Lau, Robert Warchol, David McCallum, Jane Tattersall, Fred Brennan, Garrett Kerr, Ginger Snaps
  • Marcel Pothier, Mathieu Beaudin, Jacques Plante, Jérôme Décarie, Claire Pochon, K2: Karmina 2
  • Gina Mueller, Michael P. Keeping, Patrick Haskill, Gael MacLean, Jim Harrington, Marine Life
  • Dominik Pagacz, Marcel Pothier, Carole Gagnon, Jacques Plante, Guy Francoeur, Une jeune fille à la fenêtre

23rd Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Andy Malcolm, Fred Brennan, Barry Gilmore, David McCallum, Goro Koyama, Roderick Deogrades and Jane Tattersall, Max
  • Louis Collin, Denis Saindon, Natalie Fleurant and Histoire de pen
  • Tchae Measroch, Diane Boucher, Louis Dupire, Christian Rivest and Alice Wright, Le Collectionneur
  • Donna Powell, David Evans, Paul Steffler and Harvey Hyslop, Rare Birds
  • Goro Koyama, David Evans, Wayne Griffin, Andy Malcolm and Tony Currie, Spider

24th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon John Laing, Jill Purdy, Andy Malcolm, Paul Intson, Goro Koyama, Michael O'Farrell, John Douglas Smith and Mark Gingras, The Statement
  • Graham Jones, Jane Tattersall, Ronayne Higginson, Steven Hammond, David McCallum and Dave Rose, Falling Angels
  • Guy Francoeur, Marcel Pothier, Carole Gagnon, Jacques Plante and Antoine Morin, Seducing Doctor Lewis
  • Marie-Claude Gagné, Jérôme Décarie, Mireille Morin, Claire Pochon, Diane Boucher and Jean-Philippe Savard, The Barbarian Invasions
  • Maureen Murphy, Dean Giammarco, Robert Hunter, Johnny Ludgate and Christine McLeod, The Snow Walker

25th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Steve Baine, Craig Henighan, Jill Purdy, Tony Lewis, Stephen Barden, Nathan Robitaille, Resident Evil: Apocalypse
  • Guy Pelletier, Claire Pochon, Marie-Claude Gagné, Jean-Philippe Savard, Guy Francoeur, Camping Sauvage
  • Guy Pelletier, Marcel Pothier, Guy Francoeur, Antoine Morin, Natalie Fleurant, Head in the Clouds
  • Hélène Verreau, Valéry Dufort-Boucher, Christian Rivest, Alice Wright, Tchae Measroch, The Last Tunnel
  • Marcel Pothier, Carole Gagnon, Natalie Fleurant, Guy Francoeur, Antoine Morin, Monica la mitraille

26th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Mira Mailhot, Martin Pinsonnault, Mireille Morin, Jean-François Sauvé, Simon Meilleur, C.R.A.Z.Y.
  • Michael McCann, Chester Bialowas, Tony Gort, Roger Morris, Michael Thomas, It's All Gone Pete Tong
  • Jean-François Sauvé, Simon Meilleur, Diane Boucher, Francine Poirier, Olivier Calvert, L'Audition

27th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Claude Beaugrand, Olivier Calvert, Jérôme Décarie, Natalie Fleurant, Francine Poirier, The Rocket
  • Jane Tattersall, Barry Gilmore, David McCallum, Donna Powell, Dave Rose, Beowulf & Grendel
  • Christian Rivest, Valéry Dufort-Boucher, Tchae Measroch, Louis Molinas, Hélène Verreau, Bon Cop, Bad Cop
  • Pierre-Jules Audet, Guy Francoeur, Guy Pelletier, Cheech
  • Marie-Claude Gagné, Guy Francoeur, Claire Pochon, Jean-Philippe Savard, A Sunday in Kigali

28th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Wayne Griffin, Rob Bertola, Tony Currie, Goro Koyama and Michael O'Farrell, Eastern Promises
  • Martin Pinsonnault, Pierre-Jules Audet, Michelle Cloutier, Simon Meilleur and Louis Molinas, Nitro
  • Marie-Claude Gagné, Diane Boucher, Guy Francoeur, Claire Pochon, Jean-Philippe Savard, Gounod's Romeo et Juliette
  • Marcel Pothier, Guy Francoeur, Antoine Morin, Guy Pelletier and François B. Senneville, Shake Hands with the Devil
  • Steve Munro, Paul Shikata, John Sievert and David Drainie Taylor, The Tracey Fragments

29th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Jane Tattersall, Kevin Banks, Barry Gilmore, Andy Malcolm and David Rose, Passchendaele
  • Robert LaBrosse, France Lévesque, Guy Francoeur, Lucie Fortier and Lori Paquet, La ligne brisée
  • François B. Senneville, Antoine Morin and Carole Gagnon, Le banquet
  • Jean-François Sauvé, Natalie Fleurant, Jérôme Décarie and Claude Beaugrand, The American Trap
  • Nelson Ferreira, Lee de Lang and Nathan Robitaille, This Beautiful City

30th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Claude Beaugrand, Guy Francoeur, Carole Gagnon and Christian Rivest, Polytechnique
  • Pierre-Jules Audet, Michelle Cloutier, Jacques Plante, Jean-François Sauvé, Nicolas Gagnon, Grande ourse - La clé des possibles
  • Mathieu Beaudin, Jérôme Décarie and Jacques Plante, 5150 Elm's Way
  • Garrett Kerr, Fred Brennan, Paul Germann, Steve Hammond and Mishann Lau, Nurse.Fighter.Boy
  • Olivier Calvert, Natalie Fleurant, Francine Poirier and Lise Wedlock, Babine

31st Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Sylvain Bellemare, Simon Meilleur and Claire Pochon, Incendies
  • Pierre-Jules Audet, Michelle Cloutier, Natalie Fleurant and Nicolas Gagnon, Les 7 jours du Talion
  • Stephen Barden, Steve Baine, Kevin Banks, Alex Bullick and Jill Purdy, Resident Evil: Afterlife
  • Mark Gingras, Tom Bjelic, Katrijn Halliday, Dale Lennon and John Smith, Defendor
  • Dave Rose and David McCallum, Splice

32nd Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Wayne Griffin, Rob Bertola, Tony Currie, Andy Malcolm and Michael O'Farrell, A Dangerous Method
  • Fred Brennan, James Bastable, Gabe Knox and John Sievert, You Were Here
  • Claude Beaugrand, Olivier Calvert, Natalie Fleurant and Francine Poirier, Marécages
  • Martin Pinsonnault, Blaise Blanchier, Simon Meilleur, Mireille Morin and Luc Raymond, Café de Flore
  • Jeremy MacLaverty, Daniel Pellerin, Geoff Raffan, Jan Rudy, John Sievert and James Mark Stewart, In Darkness

1st Canadian Screen Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Martin Pinsonnault, Jean-François Sauvé, Simon Meilleur and Claire Pochon, War Witch (Rebelle)
  • Pierre-Jules Audet, Michelle Cloutier, Thierry Bourgault D'Amico, Nathalie Fleurant and Cédrick Marin, L'Affaire Dumont
  • Stephen Barden, Steve Baine, Kevin Banks, Alex Bullick and Jill Purdy, Resident Evil: Retribution
  • Sylvain Brassard, Stéphane Cadotte, Isabelle Favreau and Philippe Racine, Laurence Anyways
  • Allan Scarth, Bob Melanson, Zander Rosborough and Cory Tetford, The Disappeared

2nd Canadian Screen Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Alex Bullick, Christian Schaaning, J.R. Fountain, Jill Purdy, Kevin Banks, Nathan Robitaille, Nelson Ferreira, Stephen Barden and Steve Baine, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
  • Sylvain Bellemare, Gabrielle
  • Guy Francoeur, Isabelle Favreau and Sylvain Brassard, Tom at the Farm (Tom à la ferme)
  • Antoine Morin, Christian Rivest, Guy Pelletier, Martin Pinsonnault, Mireille Morin and Paul Col, Louis Cyr

3rd Canadian Screen Awards[edit]

  • Elma Bello, Fall
  • Christian Rivest, Henri Henri
  • Raymond Legault, Simon Meilleur, Martin Pinsonnault and Claire Pochon, Meetings with a Young Poet
  • Sylvain Brassard, Benoît Dame, Isabelle Favreau and Guy Francoeur, Mommy
  • Steve Baine, Kevin Banks, Stephen Barden, Fred Brennan, Alex Bullick, J.R. Fountain, Kevin Howard and Jill Purdy, Pompeii