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Gennaro "Jerry" Cuomo
Jerry Cuomo.jpg
Born 1962
Bronx, NY
Residence Durham, North Carolina
Fields Software Engineer
Institutions IBM
Known for IBM WebSphere

Gennaro "Jerry" Cuomo (born 1962) is an American software engineer working for IBM since 1987. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer of WebSphere, a business unit within IBM Software Group (SWG.)

Holding the title of IBM Fellow, he is one of the founding fathers of IBM WebSphere Software.[1] At IBM, Cuomo has led projects in the areas of mobile and cloud computing, web application servers, Java, TCP/IP, real-time collaboration software, and high-performance transactional systems. Cuomo currently has filed for over 45 US patents for IBM.[2]


Cuomo spent the first 9 years of his career working on advanced technology software at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in New York.

Cuomo has been part of the WebSphere Application Server engineering team from its inception in 1997.[3] As an engineer on the WebSphere project, Cuomo has been involved in Web Server Performance,[4][5] High Availability, Dynamic Caching,[6] Edge Serving,[7] Web Security.[8] SOA,[9] Web 2.0 and RESTful SOA via Project Zero,[10] Appliances,[11] Event Driven Architecture, Open Development,[12] and Virtualization.

Cuomo has been the WebSphere's Chief Technology Officer since 2006. He is currently CTO and Vice President of Business Strategy at IBM in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. He provides technical direction to the WebSphere portfolio and leads the technical executive leaders and development teams to "cultivate the future of WebSphere".[13]

In recent years Cuomo has been providing direction on IBM's strategy and product capabilities related to mobile and cloud computing. Specifically, Cuomo has been involved in defining the key attributes of cloud computing ,[14] defining IBM's Platform-as-a-service strategy,[15][16] approaches for measuring cloud performance,[17] mobile computing and engaging enterprise strategy,[18] mobile development with JavaScript-based technologies [19] and IBM's Internet of Things strategy.[20] Cuomo has also been vocal about the positive impact the "mobile generation" will have on our society.[21]

Family and personal life[edit]

When not at IBM, Cuomo can be found home with his wife and 2 children. Cuomo enjoys practicing martial arts with family, playing and watching ice hockey, playing golf, visiting the beach and mountains and listening and playing rock and roll music.


Jerry is a founding member of Mind The Gap Band,[22] where he plays bass guitar. Mind The Gap covers a wide variety of music from the 1960s to present, as well as a collection of originals, including "Bring Back Da Funk",[23] "Regression",[24] and "Tomorrow".[25] Mind The Gap is formed from a group of IBMers with engineering backgrounds and they donate the band’s income to worthy charitable organizations.[26]


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