Genoa City (The Young and the Restless)

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Genoa City
The Young and the Restless location
Creator William J. Bell
Lee Phillip Bell
Genre Soap opera
Type City
Notable characters The Young and the Restless characters

Genoa City, Wisconsin is a fictional city which serves as the setting for the American CBS Daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless. It is not based on the real village of the same name in Wisconsin, although it is also located in that state.[1] Within the show's storyline, Genoa City is portrayed as a large global city which is home to major corporations, and includes an international airport and a major hospital.

Families and Residents of Genoa City[edit]

Current Genoa City locations[edit]

Law Enforcement
  • Baldwin/Clark Associates, headed by Michael Baldwin and Avery Bailey Clark. Both are private attorneys that deals with matters involving family law, corporate law and criminal law.
  • Legal Aid, is a law firm for the less fortunate in Genoa City. Leslie Michaelson Shelby is a Lawyer with the Legal Aid Board.
  • District Attorney's Office, headed by Christine Williams, who is the District Attorney herself. Winston Mobley is the Assistant District Attorney.
  • Genoa City Police Department (GCPD), headed by Paul Williams, chief of police. Kevin Fisher works there as a tech specialist. Mark Harding is one of the lead detectives.
Medical Facilities
  • Fairview Psychiatric Facility, a facility for those with mental disorders and mental health issues. One of the currently known patients is Patty Williams.
  • Genoa City Memorial Hospital, the only hospital of Genoa City. **Dr. Barton Shelby is one of the employees.
Other Locations
  • Chancellor Memorial Park, a park named after the late Katherine Chancellor, Genoa City's oldest and most adored citizen until recently
  • Church of the Sacred Heart, home to hundreds of weddings and funerals.

Genoa City Residences[edit]


Related non-fictional locations[edit]


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