Genoa Expo '92

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EXPO Genoa 1992
BIE-class Specialized exposition
Name Christopher Columbus, The Ship and the Sea
Visitors 694800
Countries 54
Country  Italy
City Genoa
Opening 15 May 1992
Closure 15 August 1992
Specialized expositions
Previous Expo 91
Next Taejŏn Expo '93 in Taejŏn
Previous Seville Expo '92 in Seville
Next Expo 2000 in Hanover
Specialized Seville Expo '92
Horticultural (AIPH) Floriade 1992

The International Exhibition Genoa '92 Colombo '92 took place from Friday, May 15 to Saturday, August 15, 1992 in Genoa, Italy. The theme was "Christopher Columbus, The Ship and the Sea", and the Expo was timed to celebrate the 500 years since the Discover of America by the Genoese sailor Christopher Columbus. It was a specialized Exhibition with 54 countries represented. Total visitors were 694,800 [1]. Although not related, the exposition ran at the same time as Seville Expo '92. The purpose of the exposition was to celebrate Christopher Columbus' 'discovery' of the New World. The expo took place in Porto Antico. The aquarium designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano hosted the sea's pavilion and the ship "Italia" hosted the ship's pavilion. Other important places were "Piazza delle Feste", a covered square, the "Magazzini del Cotone" an old port structure which now host the conference centre, "Porta Siberia" an historical port's fortress and the "Palazzina Millo"

The expo's logo was a "500" number with the Genoa's flag; the mascot was a cat dressed like Christopher Columbus called "Gatto Cristoforo"