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Gentoo/FreeBSD logo
OS family Unix-like (BSD)
Working state Current
Source model Open source
Package manager Portage
Kernel type Monolithic (kFreeBSD)[1]
Userland FreeBSD[1]
License Various
Official website Gentoo/FreeBSD

Gentoo/FreeBSD is a Unix-like operating system developed by Gentoo Linux developers in order to bring Gentoo Linux design, structure, and tools such as Portage and the Gentoo Linux base layout to the FreeBSD operating system. Gentoo/FreeBSD is part of the larger Gentoo/*BSD project.

The project is still in development, but currently has instructions that allow installation of a full Gentoo/FreeBSD system.

FreeBSD system ebuilds are integrated into the main portage tree, but this port is far from being complete due to the amount of packages needing to be ported and the lack of a proper Live CD (right now, FreeSBIE's Live CD or FreeBSD setup CD are used during installation).


Gentoo/FreeBSD also uses Gentoo's GNU toolchain instead of the original FreeBSD one.


The current (semi) official logo for Gentoo/FreeBSD is a daemonized "g", derived from original Gentoo Linux logo and inspired by the BSD Daemon. It was designed by Marius Morawski, responding to an unofficial contest launched by Diego Elio Pettenò on his blog.[2]

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