Genu of the corpus callosum

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Genu of the corpus callosum
The fornix and corpus callosum from below. (Genu labeled at center top.)
Latin genu corporis callosi
anterior cerebral artery
Gray's p.828
NeuroNames hier-176
NeuroLex ID Genu of corpus callosum
TA A14.1.09.243
FMA FMA:61946
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The anterior end of the corpus callosum is named the genu, and is bent downward and backward in front of the septum pellucidum; diminishing rapidly in thickness, it is prolonged backward under the name of the rostrum, which is connected below with the lamina terminalis. In a study of five- to eighteen-year-olds there was found to be a positive correlation between age and callosal thickness.[1]

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