Mount Genyen

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Mount Genyen
Mount Genyen is located in China
Mount Genyen
Mount Genyen
Location within China
Elevation 6,204 m (20,354 ft)[1]
Prominence 2,000 m (6,600 ft)[2]
Listing Ultra
Location Sichuan, China
Range West Sichuan
Coordinates 29°48′27″N 99°36′21″E / 29.80750°N 99.60583°E / 29.80750; 99.60583Coordinates: 29°48′27″N 99°36′21″E / 29.80750°N 99.60583°E / 29.80750; 99.60583[2][3]
First ascent 1988 by Karl Unterkircher and a Japanese team

Mount Genyen (Genyen Shan) or Ge'nyen, is a mountain in the West Sichuan Mountain Range in China.[1] With an elevation of 6,204 metres (20,354 ft) , it is the third highest peak in the Chinese province of Sichuan. It was first climbed by Karl Unterkircher with a Japanese team in 1988.

Genyen is regarded as the 13th most holy mountain amongst the 24 holy mountains of Tibetan Buddhism.[4]


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