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For the voice actor, see Jeff Bergman.

Geoff Bergman played bass guitar for both Curl Up and Die[1] and Poison the Well. He played in the short-lived Las Vegas band Vulcans in 2006-2007 with former Curl up and Die guitarist Matt Fuchs, and current Starfucker Drummer Keil Corcoran. Monitor engineer for Daughtry in 2007-2012, and The Used in 2011. Also acted as a fill-in on bass with Daughtry in the summer of 2007 and again in 2011 appearing at multiple live shows around the US and in Europe. Also made Television appearances with Daughtry on TRL and Good Morning America in 2007. Currently playing bass in Coiled Snakes with former Curl up and Die guitarist, Matt Fuchs, with a long promised first release supposedly in the works. In July 2012, Curl up and Die announced that they were playing together again and would soon playing shows, with Bergman playing bass. Little was said by the band after the announcement, and it appears that the plan for a reunion has been either postponed or forgotten. In June 2013, Bergman began producing the first full-length album for Las Vegas power-violence band God's America at his home studio in Las Vegas, Nv.


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