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Geoff Bullock at the piano, September 2009

Geoff Bullock (born 6 November 1955) is an Australian Christian singer-songwriter and pianist best known for his song "The Power of Your Love". He began his journey of faith in 1977, when he was in his early twenties.

Geoff Bullock was born in Sydney Australia on 6 November 1955. He went to Knox Grammar School from 1964 to 1972.

Geoff has recorded over 20 albums and has written two books: Hands of Grace and The power of your love... Jesus the unexpected God.

Geoff has spoken openly about issues of mental health over the last ten years. In 2003 he was diagnosed as having bipolar II, a diagnosis that has now been independently challenged, questioned and finally dismissed.

Geoff embraces a holistic approach to life where a healthy and nourished body, soul and spirit is an expression of thanksgiving and worship.

Geoff is planning a return to public life in 2014 with a live album containing a wealth of new material and the reworking of the songs that have impacted so many people over the last 25 years.

Public life[edit]

Geoff worked as a television cameraman at ABC Television from 1975 until 1984, including work on "The Marcia Hines Show", "Farnham and Byrne", "Mastermind", "Parkinson", "The Norman Gunston Show", Play School, and "News" and "Current affairs" before taking up music ministry full time.

Geoff was part of the team that pioneered Hills Christian Life Centre in 1983. He was appointed the Worship Pastor for the Hillsong Church in Sydney and was the convenor of the annual Hillsongs Conference from 1987 to 1995. During that time Hillsong recorded 6 albums. He experienced a marriage breakdown in 1996.[1]


Some of his best known songs are:

  • "The Power Of Your Love"
  • "You Rescued Me"
  • "Just Let Me Say"
  • "The Heavens Shall Declare"
  • "This Kingdom"
  • "Now Is The Time"
  • "Deeper and Deeper".
  • "The Stone's Been Rolled Away"
  • "The Great Southland"
  • "I Will Never Be"
  • "Refresh My Heart"
  • "Show Your Glory"
  • "Have Faith In God"
  • "No Longer I"
  • "I Am Carried"

Over the last decade Geoff has written alternative words to his most well-known song, words that reflect the changes in his life and spirituality.


Some of the songs he wrote while in ministry at Hillsong include:

  • "With Your Love" (from Spirit and Truth)
  • "We're not Looking Back" (from Spirit and Truth)
  • "I Will Lift My Voice" (from Spirit and Truth)
  • "We've Come to Worship the Lord" (from Spirit and Truth)
  • "Lift High His Name" (from Spirit and Truth)
  • "The Power of God" with Brian Houston (from Spirit and Truth)
  • "He Is the King" (from Spirit and Truth)
  • "We Will not Bow to the World" with Brian Houston (from Spirit and Truth)
  • "The Heavens Shall Declare" (from Spirit and Truth)
  • "Show Your Glory" (from Show Your Glory)
  • "The Enemy's Defeated" with Lucy Fisher (from Show Your Glory)
  • "Revival" (from Show Your Glory)
  • "Sanctify" with Ruth Grant (from Show Your Glory)
  • "Armed and Dangerous" (from Show Your Glory)
  • "I Am Not Ashamed" with Lucy Fisher (from Show Your Glory)
  • "Lord Take My Eyes" (from Show Your Glory)
  • "Blessing" (from Show Your Glory)
  • "Holy" (from Show Your Glory)
  • "I'm Your Child" and "I'll Take This Time" (from Show Your Glory)
  • "The Time Has Come" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "We Will Rise" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "You Place Your Love" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "Your Love" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "Blessed Be" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "You Are My Rock" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "Hear Me Calling" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "Refresh My Heart" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "The Power of Your Love" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "Lord We Come" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "I Will Worship You" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "You Are My God" with Gail Dunshea (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "Holy Spirit Rise" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "Glory" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "Latter Rain" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "The Great Southland" (from The Power of Your Love)
  • "The Stone's Been Rolled Away" (from Stone's Been Rolled Away)
  • "You Give Me Shelter" (from Stone's Been Rolled Away)
  • "Holy Spirit Come" (from Stone's Been Rolled Away)
  • "Holy One Of God" (from Stone's Been Rolled Away)
  • "I Believe" (from Stone's Been Rolled Away)
  • "Oh Holy Spirit" (from Stone's Been Rolled Away)
  • "Within Your Love" (from Stone's Been Rolled Away)
  • "I Surrender" (from Stone's Been Rolled Away)
  • "You Are The One" (from Stone's Been Rolled Away)
  • "In The Name Of The Lord" (from People Just Like Us)
  • "You Rescued Me" (from People Just Like Us)
  • "The Power and The Glory" (from People Just Like Us)
  • "Have Faith In God" (from People Just Like Us)
  • "Just Let Me Say" (from People Just Like Us)
  • "Faith" (from People Just Like Us)
  • "Rock Of The Ages" with Darlene Zschech (from Friends in High Places)
  • "Whenever I See" (from Friends In High Places)
  • "Now Is The Time" (from Friends In High Places)
  • "You're All I Need" (from Friends In High Places)
  • "Salvation" (from Friends In High Places)
  • "Holding On" (from Friends In High Places)
  • "I'll Worship You" (from Friends In High Places)
  • "This Kingdom" (from Friends In High Places)

Post-Hillsong / Revisions[edit]

Since leaving Hillsong, Bullock has revised the lyrics to many of his songs, realizing that his previous lyrics tended to focus on 'self' rather than take the perspective of God's divine grace.

He has also released multiple albums such as "Now Is the Time", "You Rescued Me", "Deeper And Deeper", and "Geoff Bullock". Songs written since leaving Hillsong include:

  • "Beautiful Saviour"
  • "Deeper and Deeper"
  • "When Weary Hands were Young"
  • "No Longer I"
  • "I Am Carried"
  • "Love Overcomes"
  • "Unfailing love"
  • "Oh The Mercy Of God"
  • "You Lift Me Up"
  • "Southern Cross"
  • "Wild And Amazing" with Janine Max

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