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For the baseball player, see Jeff Byrd.

Geoff Byrd (born in Portland, Oregon on August 27, 1970) is an American musician. He has been credited as the first artist to break into mainstream music by way of the internet.[1][2]

Byrd was the lead singer of the band The Likes Of You. He is the CEO of the independent label Liquid Chrome Records and also the CEO and founder of Kids Record Hits.


  • Vulnerable (2000)
  • Geoff Byrd (2001)
  • Candy Shell (2003)
  • Shrinking Violets (2005)
  • Featurette (2007)
  • Rarities (2007)
  • Anthology (2008)
  • X-Ray Vision (2009)
  • Lovejoy (2010)


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