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Geoff J. Nicholson (born 4 March 1953) is a British novelist and non-fiction writer.[1]


Geoff J. Nicholson was born in Sheffield and was educated at the Universities of Cambridge and Essex.

He is generally regarded as a satirist, in the tradition of Evelyn Waugh,though his writing has also been compared, favorably, with that of Ben Jonson, Martin Amis and Thomas Pynchon.[citation needed] The main themes and features of his books include leading characters with major obsessions, sexual and otherwise (guitars, Volkswagens, women's feet and shoes), interweaving storylines and hidden subcultures and societies. His books usually contain a lot of black humour. He has also written three works of non-fiction and many short stories. His novel Bleeding London was shortlisted for the 1997 Whitbread Prize.



  • Street Sleeper (1987)
  • The Knot Garden (1989)
  • What We Did on Our Holidays (1990)
  • Hunters and Gatherers (1991)
  • The Food Chain (1992)
  • The Errol Flynn Novel (1993)
  • Still Life with Volkswagens (1994)
  • Everything and More (1994)
  • Footsucker (1995)
  • Bleeding London (1997)
  • Flesh Guitar (1998)
  • Female Ruins (1999)
  • Bedlam Burning (2000)
  • The Hollywood Dodo (2004)
  • Gravity's Volkswagen (2009)
  • The City Under the Skin (2014)


  • Big Noises (1991)
  • Day Trips to the Desert (1993)
  • Andy Warhol: A Beginner's Guide (2002)
  • Frank Lloyd Wright: A Beginner's Guide (2002)
  • Sex Collectors (2006)
  • The Lost Art of Walking (2008)
  • Walking in Ruins (2013)


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