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For other people with similar names, see Geoffrey Archer (disambiguation) or Jeffrey Archer.

Geoffrey Archer is a fiction writer from London. He specialises in military adventures and spy thrillers and created the character Sam Packer.

Early career[edit]

Geoffrey Archer was born and grew up in north London and had an interest in fiction and drama from an early age.[1]

After several false starts in his choice of career, Geoffrey Archer moved into journalism. He started with a local television station in Southampton as a trainee researcher, then moved first to Anglia TV in Norwich and then to Tyne-Tees TV in Newcastle as an on-screen journalist. He started as a reporter with ITN in 1969. He covered the troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970s and the civil war in Beirut in 1976, was allowed to travel with a Polaris nuclear submarine, and eventually became Defence Correspondent for ITN. These experiences prompted him to begin writing stories with military and spy themes.

Fiction writer[edit]

In 1995 he left ITN to concentrate on writing full-time. In 1998 his novel Fire Hawk was short-listed for the Crime Writers' Gold Dagger Award.

His writing has some similarity to that of Stephen Coonts, Graham Hurley and Phillip Kerr.


  • 1988 – Sky Dancer
  • 1989 – Shadow Hunter
  • 1993 – Eagle Trap
  • 1995 – Scorpion Trail
  • 1997 – Java Spider
  • 1998 – Fire Hawk
  • 2001 – The Lucifer Network
  • 2002 – The Burma Legacy
  • 2004 – Dark Angel

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