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Geoffrey Arone is an American Internet entrepreneur who has focused primarily on social media and the social web.

Arone is currently Chief Scientist at Experian, which acquired SafetyWeb in May 2011.[1] Arone co-founded SafetyWeb in June 2009 and raised ~ $8 million from Battery Ventures and First Round Capital.[2] SafetyWeb is a cloud-based personal security company whose products include SafetyWeb Family and myID.

Prior to SafetyWeb, Arone was the CEO and co-founder of DanceJam with MC Hammer and Flock co-founder Anthony Young. While running DanceJam, Arone raised two rounds of venture capital and sold the company to Grind Networks in 2009.[3]

In late 2004, Arone co-founded Flock, the first web browser with social network integration, with Bart Decrem and Anthony Young. In all, Flock raised ~ $28 million from Bessemer Venture Partners, Shasta Ventures, and Fidelity Ventures. Nearly 6 years and 14 million downloads later, Flock was acquired by Zynga.[4]

Arone has also held product positions at RealNetworks, Informatica and Oracle. He holds a Sc.B. in Neural Science from Brown University and his PhD work was also in Neural Science. He earned an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.[5]


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