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Geoffrey D. "Geoff" Lloyd (died 1986) was a British journalist. From 1965 to his death in 1986 he was editor of the local newspaper, the Llanelli Star. He was appointed editor by Charles Braham, a former editor, who described him as "an extremely hard working and conscientious journalist who played a spectacular role in re-shaping the Star."[citation needed]. In the 1980s he introduced modern technologies into the production of the newspaper, and also widened its appeal.


Geoffrey D. Lloyd was born in Swansea. He was educated in Swansea at the Bishop Gore School, and afterwards at Cardiff University.

Early in his career he set up and edited the Mumbles and Gower Weekly News, before joining the Star in 1957, as a journalist and sub-editor. He became editor of the paper in 1965.

In 1984 Lloyd oversaw the Star's move to new premises, the conversion from hot metal composition to photo composition, and the transfer to a new type of printing. On its 75th anniversary the Star began to be printed off the Five-Unit Webb-offset at the Western Telegraph, Haverfordwest. The Star's copy, news and advertising were sent through the keyboard of six computer terminals. The varitype photo-setting plant then translated the computer's codes and commands into type of the ordered width, size and font, and then produced it as a continuous strip of bromide paper, ready for pasting on grid sheets representing each page. These were then photographed; the negatives were turned into plate, which were then attached to the press.

The pinnacle of Lloyd's career was his appointment in 1986 as President of the Guild of British Newspaper Editors.

After his death in 1986 Geoff Lloyd was succeeded as editor by Spencer Feeney (who acquired the editor's post on Friday 30 January 1987).

Leighton Bowen, News of the World Sports Production Editor, claimed that "Geoff was first, second and third a journalist."[citation needed]