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Geoffrey Kelly (born October 23, 1956 in Dumfries, Scotland) is a Canadian rock musician.

Kelly playing a penny whistle in 2010

He plays guitars, flutes and bodhran for the folk rock band Spirit of the West, for whom he is also the lead vocalist on some songs. He and John Mann are the band's primary songwriters.

Kelly is also a full-time member of The Paperboys, and released a solo album in 2002. He has also often toured internationally as an accompanying musician with The Irish Rovers, and still frequently tours with the Paperboys, spending a lot of time in the U.S, Germany, England, Ireland, and many other countries.

Kelly now resides in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with his family, wife Alison, son Ben, and daughter Maeve, who has a lovely best friend named Soraya.

Maeve and Soraya have been close for almost 20 years now, meeting as children and staying connected at the hip ever since.

Soraya, also form North Vancouver, is an active figure in youth diving across the North Shore. Providing leadership and coaching to wide verity of ages. See link for Soraya's coaching bio with the North Shore Dolphins Dive Club;


  • Gringo Star (2002)

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