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The Geometry Festival is an annual mathematics conference held in the United States.

Previous Geometry Festival speakers[edit]

1985 at Penn[edit]

1986 at Maryland[edit]

1987 at Penn[edit]

1988 at North Carolina[edit]

1989 at Stony Brook[edit]

1990 at Maryland[edit]

1991 at Duke[edit]

  • Jeff Cheeger, Transgressed Euler classes of SL(2n,Z)-bundles and adiabatic limits of eta-invariants
  • Chris Croke, Volumes of balls in manifolds without conjugate points and rigidity of geodesic flows
  • Carolyn Gordon, When you can't hear the shape of a manifold
  • Wu-Yi Hsiang, Sphere packing and spherical geometry: The Kepler conjecture and beyond
  • Alan Nadel, On the geometry of Fano varieties
  • Grigori Perelman, Alexandrov's spaces with curvature bounded from below
  • Stefan Stolz, On the space of positive curvature metrics modulo diffeomorphisms

1992 at Courant[edit]

  • Jonathan Block, Aperiodic tilings, positive scalar curvature and other homological phenomena
  • John Franks, Infinitely many closed geodesics on the 2-sphere
  • Karsten Grove, The inevitable presence of singular spaces in Riemannian geometry
  • Lisa Jeffrey, Volumes of moduli spaces of flat connections on Riemannian surfaces
  • Jun Li, Anti-self-dual connections on SU(2) bundles over algebraic surfaces
  • Dusa McDuff, Symplectic 4-manifolds
  • Clifford Taubes, Anti-self dual conformal structures in 4 dimensions

1993 at Penn[edit]

1995 at Stony Brook[edit]

1996 at Maryland[edit]

1997 at Duke[edit]

  • Jeanne Nielsen Clelland, Geometry of Conservation Laws for Parabolic PDE's
  • Anatole Katok, Rigidity and invariant geometric structures for differentiable group actions
  • François Labourie, Monge-Ampere problems, holomorphic curves and laminations
  • Gang Liu, Floer Homology and the Arnold Conjecture
  • William Minicozzi II, Harmonic functions on manifolds
  • Lorenz Schwachhöfer, The classification of irreducible holonomies of torsion free connections
  • Matthias Schwarz, Symplectic fixed points and quantum cohomology
  • Stephen Semmes, Geometry with little smoothness

1998 at Stony Brook[edit]

1999 at Penn[edit]

2000 at Maryland[edit]

  • Samuel Ferguson, The Kepler Conjecture
  • Robert Meyerhoff, Rigorous computer-aided proofs in the theory of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
  • Herman Gluck, Geometry, topology and plasma physics
  • Burkhard Wilking, New examples of manifolds with positive sectional curvature almost everywhere
  • John Roe, Amenability and assembly maps
  • Eleny Ionel, Gromov invariants of symplectic sums
  • Mikhail Gromov, Spaces of holomorphic maps

2001 at Northeastern[edit]

2002 at Courant[edit]

2003 at Duke[edit]

2004 at Courant[edit]

2005 at Stony Brook[edit]

2006 at Penn[edit]

2007 at Maryland[edit]

2008 at Duke[edit]

2009 at Stony Brook[edit]

2010 at Courant[edit]

2011 at Penn[edit]

2012 at Duke[edit]

2013 at Maryland[edit]

  • Bo Berndtsson (Chalmers University): Variations of Bergman kernels and symmetrization of plurisubharmonic functions
  • Simon Donaldson (Imperial College, London): Kähler-Einstein metrics, extremal metrics and stability
  • Hans-Joachim Hein (Imperial College, London): Singularities of Kähler-Einstein metrics and complete Calabi-Yau manifolds
  • Peter Kronheimer (Harvard University): Instanton homology for knots and webs
  • Andrea Malchiodi (SISSA): Uniformization of surfaces with conical singularities
  • Aaron Naber (MIT): Characterizations of bounded Ricci curvature and applications
  • Yuval Peres (Microsoft Research): The geometry of fair allocation to random points
  • Brian White (Stanford University): Gap theorems for minimal submanifolds of spheres

2014 at Stony Brook[edit]

  • Robert Bryant (Duke University): Rolling surfaces and exceptional geometry
  • Alice Chang (Princeton University): On positivity of a class of conformal covariant operators
  • Mihalis Dafermos (Princeton University): On null singularities for the Einstein vacuum equations and the strong cosmic censorship conjecture in general relativity
  • Kenji Fukaya (Simons Center): Mirror symmetry between Toric A model and LG B model: some recent progress
  • Matthew Gursky (Notre Dame University): Critical metrics on connected sums of Einstein four-manifolds
  • Robert Haslhofer (New York University): Mean curvature flow with surgery
  • Andre Neves (Imperial College): Existence of minimal hypersurfaces
  • Song Sun (Simons Center): Kahler-Einstein metrics: Gromov-Hausdorff limits and algebraic geometry

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