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Portrait of Georg Andreas Agricola

Georg Andreas Agricola or Georgio Andrea Agricola or Georg Andreas Bauer or George André Agricola (/əˈɡrɪkələ/; 1672–1738) was a German physician and botanist from Regensburg.

He studied at Regensburg, and graduated from University of Halle-Wittenberg, as a doctor of medicine. He practised medicine at Regensburg.[1]

Agricola, who was an able scientist, experimented with plant cuttings and grafting. He provided useful advice on propagating plants from sections of roots or branches — see vegetative propagation. He discovered ways of grafting several species of fruit tree onto one, thereby producing a tree bearing different types of fruit. His book on the subject of grafting enjoyed an enthusiastic reception in the horticultural and botanical world, was promptly translated into Dutch, French and English after its appearance and served as the definitive work on fruit-tree propagation for many decades after.[2]

In 1699, he was elected to the Royal Academy.

English Translations[edit]

  • Bradley, Richard A philosophical treatise of husbandry and gardening : being a new method of cultivating and increasing all sorts of trees, shrubs, and flowers. A Very Curious work: Containing many Useful Secrets in Nature, for helping the Vegetation of Trees and Plants, and for fertilizing the most Stubborn Soils. By G.A. Agricola, M.D. and Doctor in Philosophy at Ratisbonne. Translated from the High-Dutch, with Remarks: and Adorn'd with Cuts. The whole revised and Compared with the Original, together with a Preface, confirming this New Method, by Richard Bradley, Fellow of the Royal Society. London: P. Vaillant, 1721 ESTC # T042266 Gale document # CW109618793 Gale Eighteenth Century Collections Online (subscription database) [1] Public database: [2] (Translation of the 2 published volumes of "Neu- und nie erhörter..." see first item under bibliography)
  • Bradley, Richard The experimental husbandman and gardener: containing a new method of improving estates and gardens, By Cultivating and Increasing of Forrest-Trees, Coppice-Woods, Fruit-Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and Greenhouses, and Exotick Plants, after several Manners; viz. by Layers, Cuttings, Roots, Leaves, &c. With Great Variety of New Discoveries relating to Graffing, Terebration or Boreing, Inarching, Emplastration, and Inoculation; of Reversing of Trees, and Digesting their Juices to bring them to bear Fruit. With several New Experiments for the Fertilizing of Stubborn Soils. By G.A. Agricola, M.D. Translated from the original, with remarks: and adorn'd with cuts. The second edition. To which is now added, an appendix, containing a Variety of Experiments lately practised upon the above System, By R. Bradley, Professor of Botany at Cambridge, and F. R. S, Translator Richard Bradley, W. Mears, and F. Clay, 1726 ESTC # T082177 Gale document # CW109840072 Gale Eighteenth Century Collections Online (subscription database) [3] Public database: [4] Gale The Making of the Modern World (subscription database) [5] Public database: [6] (The second edition of Richard Bradley's translation of "Neu- und nie erhörter..." with "an appendix, containing a Variety of Experiments lately practised upon the above System")



  • Johann Friedrich, Leopold; Georg Andreas Agricola. Johan. Friderici Leopold, M.D. Relatio epistolica de itinere suo Suecico anno MDCCVII facto ad ... Johannem Woodward. Londinium : apud Timoth. Childe, 1720.  Gale Eighteenth Century Collections Online (subscription database) [31] books2ebooks service [32][33]

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Other works[edit]

  • The 3rd of the 3 volumes of "Neu- und nie erhörter..." of which the separately published table of contents is available digitised by the Saxon State Library "Verzeichniß Derer Capitel Seines Dritten Theils, Handelnd von der Wahrheit und Beständigkeit Der Universal-Vermehrung aller Bäume, Stauden, und Blumen-Gewächse" [34]


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