Georg Gustav von Arnim

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Georg Gustav von Arnim (Schloss Suckow, September 26, 1870 – Schloss Suchow, August 28, 1945), 6th Lord of the Fideicomis of Suckow in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, was a German Military and Nobleman, son of Georg Abraham Constantin von Arnim and wife Rosalie Augusta Carolina Johanna Ulrika von Schnehen.


He was a Chamberlain of the King of Prussia, Captain of Prussian Dragoons and a Knight of the Order of St. John.[1]

Marriage and children[edit]

He married in Berlin on September 26, 1893 Hulda Elisabeth Anna von Versen (Merseburg, March 18, 1872 – West Berlin, May 4, 1954, daughter of Maximilian Felix Christoph Wilhelm Leopold Reinhold Albert Fürchtegott von Versen and wife Alice Bryan Clemens, and had issue, among whom a daughter Marie Agnes von Arnim (Schloss Suchow, August 19, 1903 – Dresder Weissen-Hirsch, May 3, 1938), married in Schloss Suckow on October 7, 1924 with Christoph Moritz Max Freiherr von Beschwitz (Schloss Arnsdorf, April 2, 1898 – Wiesbaden, September 26, 1980), Lord of the Castle of Arnsdorf in the Kingdom of Saxony, and Knight of the Order of St. John, and had issue.


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