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Georg Riedel 2013

Georg Riedel (born on 8 January 1934 Karlsbad, Czechoslovakia) is a Swedish double bass player and composer.[1] Riedel migrated to Sweden at the age of four[1] and attended school in Stockholm, including the Adolf Fredrik's Music School.

The best known recording featuring Riedel is probably Jan Johansson's Jazz på svenska ("Jazz in Swedish"), a minimalist-jazz compilation of folk songs recorded in 1962-1963, though Riedel has recorded with other leading Swedish musicians[1] including trumpeter Jan Allan.

Riedel's profile as a composer derives almost exclusively from writing music for Astrid Lindgren movies, including the main theme from the Emil i Lönneberga ("Emil of Maple Hills") movies.[1] He also composed the music for several films by Arne Mattsson in the 1960s as well as for film adaptions of novels by Stig Dagerman.

Selected film music[edit]


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