George-Édouard Desbarats

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George-Édouard Desbarats.

George-Édouard-Amable Desbarats (5 April 1838 – 18 February 1893) was an influential Canadian printer and inventor.

Early life[edit]

He was born in Quebec, to Lt.Colonel George-Paschal Desbarats, and his first wife Henriette, daughter of The Hon. Amable Dionne. He was sent to College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts 1846. He studied law at the Université Laval, and was called to the bar of Lower Canada on 2 May 1859.

In 1860 he married Lucianne (Lucie-Anne) Bossé, who was the eldest daughter of Joseph-Noël Bossé.

Canadian Illustrated News[edit]

From 1869 to 1883 he published the Canadian Illustrated News, using the printing expertise of William Leggo. In 1869 he became the first official printer of Canada, upon acceptance of the offer by Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald.

Daily Graphic[edit]

Desbarats and Leggo founded the New York Daily Graphic in 1873, the first daily illustrated paper. While it was a pioneering effort, it was not a financial success, and Desbarats returned to Montreal.[1]