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George Allan (1736–1800) was an English antiquary and attorney at Darlington.

Allan spent much of his youth in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, where he was educated at the all-boys Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield.

George Allan (left) and William Hutchinson, 1814 engraving by Joseph Collyer the Younger.

He was the author of several works relating to the history and antiquities of County Durham; he greatly aided William Hutchinson in his History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham.[1][not in citation given] He presented to the Society of Antiquaries of London 26 quarto volumes of a manuscript relating principally to the University of Oxford, which he extracted from the public libraries there. He possessed a printing press, with which he produced several works; among them was a reprint of Robert Hegg's 1626 work, Legend of St Cuthbert.



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