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George B. Senter (September 24, 1826 – January 16, 1870) was the mayor of Cleveland from 1859 to 1860.

Senter was born in Potsdam, New York to David K. and Susan Senter. Senter was elected to city council from the 1st ward in 1858 and was then elected to mayor in 1859 serving until 1860. It is assumed, since there is no military record for Senter, that he served in the Civil War as assistant commissary-subsistence officer at Camp Taylor in Cleveland in April and May 1861. He was promoted to commandant of the camp in 1862 serving until 1864. When Irvine Masters, mayor of Cleveland, resigned his office in 1864, Senter was elected by city council once again to serve as mayor and finish Masters's term. Senter retired from the political life to practice law and pursue the wine and liquor business. Senter died at his home on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland in 1870. He is buried in Woodland Cemetery.

Senter married Delia Wheaton in 1851 and they had 3 children: George B. Senter Jr., Cornelia E., and J. Augusta.


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