George Bakhmeteff

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George Bakhmeteff.

George Bakhmeteff was the last Czarist Russian Ambassador to the United States. He served in office between the years 1911 and 1917.[1]


He was a career diplomat descended from a Tatar noble family which had converted from Islam to Russian Orthodox faith. Generations of the Bakhmeteff had served under the Czars within the military and civil service. Previous to his service for Russia in Washington he had served as Russian Ambassador to Japan.

Personal life[edit]

He was married to Mary Beale, the daughter of a popular Washington social couple Ambassador and Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald Beale. The Beales were the owners of Decatur House in Washington and Tejon Ranch. His brother in law was American Ambassador to the Balkans Truxtun Beale. His sister in law was Emily Beale McLean who was married to John Roll McLean publisher of the Washington Post. George Bakhmeteff was succeeded as ambassador by another Bakhmeteff Boris Bakhmeteff who was not closely related.


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