George Bourchier (Indian Army officer)

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Major-General Sir George Bourchier KCB (1821–1898) served in the Bengal Army (one of three armies that made up the British Indian Army).


Bourchier was the son of the Reverend Edward Bourchier and was educated at the Addiscombe Military Seminary.[1]

He entered the Bengal Artillery in 1838 and took part in the Gwalior Campaign 1843–1844. He was stationed at Punniar.[1]

During the Indian Mutiny he commanded a battery at Trimmu Ghat and was present at the siege and capture of Delhi. He was at Bulandshahr, Alighar, and Agra with Sir Colin Campbell for the relief of Lucknow and at Cawnpur.[1]

He was commissioned a Brevet Colonel and C.B.. From 1864 to 1866. he commanded the Royal Artillery in Bhutan. In 1871, he commanded the East Frontier District, and in 1871 to 1872 he commanded the Cachar column in the Lushai Expedition. He was award the K.C.B. in 1852 and promoted to Major-General. He died on 15 March 1898.[1]


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