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George Carey (born 1943) is a British documentary filmmaker and television journalist. As a director/editor at BBC News, he is credited with the creation of the Newsnight current affairs programme in 1980,[1][2] before going on to become Editor of BBC1’s Panorama (TV series) during the Falklands War.[3] In 1988, he left the BBC to co-found an independent production company with Jenny Barraclough.[4] In 1997, Barraclough Carey Productions was acquired by Mentorn Films, and Carey became Creative Director of the new entity, now known as Mentorn Media.[5] He secured the contract to produce the BBC’s weekly political discussion programme Question Time (TV series), and originated Channel 4’s Unreported World strand.[6] In 2005, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Royal Television Society.[7] In 2007, he returned to film-making himself, with a 5-part BBC series on Russia presented by Jonathan Dimbleby,[8] before shooting and directing three individual documentaries, Close Encounters in Siberia, A Long Weekend with the Son of God – both for Channel 4 – and Knocking on Heaven’s Door for BBC Storyville.[9] He is a board member for Conciliation Resources, an international non-governmental organization.[10]


Documentary Singles[edit]

Terror in Moscow (Grierson prize)
Babitsky's War (Amnesty International prize)
The Valley (Prix Italia, Golden Nymph Monte Carlo)
The Unforgiving (BAFTA)
Hello Mr President (Peabody Award)
Fall of Saigon
The Killing of Kennedy
Blood on their Hands

Documentary Series (General)[edit]

Russia - A Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby
Century Road
Testing God (Best Religious programme)
Soul Searching
Redemption Song
Queen and Country
Do you Believe in Magic?
Visions of Heaven and Hell (Golden Spire, San Francisco)
The White House Tapes
The New Jerusalem
The Tunnel
Clintons: A Marriage of Power (Broadcast Award)
Scare Stories
The Crimean War
From Beirut to Bosnia
Planet Islam
The Poisoned Chalice
Mad Cows and Englishmen
Gunpower USA
Men in Battle

Documentary Series (Science)[edit]

The Plague (Royal Television Society Best Series)
Knife to the Heart
Cancer Wars
The Babymakers (BMI Best Medical Series)

BBC Documentary Singles[edit]

Marilyn: Say Goodbye to the President
M.I.A.: We'll Keep You Forever
The Trial of Klaus Barbie
The Search for the Missing Marcos Millions (Emmy Award)

BBC Documentary Series[edit]

An Ocean Apart
Families at War (RTS Award)
Frontiers (ACE Award)
A Righteous Sneer