George Cary Eggleston

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George Cary Eggleston

George Cary Eggleston (26 November 1839 – 14 April 1911) American author and brother of fellow author Edward Eggleston (1837-1902). Sons of Joseph Cary Eggleston and Mary Jane Craig. After the American Civil War he published a serialized account of his time as a Confederate soldier in the The Atlantic Monthly. These serialized articles were later collected and expanded upon and published under the title "A Rebel's Recollections."

Principal Works[edit]


  • A Man of Honor 1873
  • The Wreck of the Red Bird [1882]
  • Juggernaut 1891
  • Camp Venture, a story of the Virginia mountains [1901]
  • A Carolina Cavalier, a Romance of the American Revolution [1902]
  • Dorothy South 1902
  • The Master of Warlock; a Virginia War Story [1903]
  • Evelyn Byrd 1904
  • Love is the Sum of It All 1907

Blind Alleys [1906]

  • Irene of the mountains; a romance of old Virginia [1909]

Juvenile Publications

  • Big Brother Series 1875-1882
  • Strange Stories from History 1886


  • How to Educate Yourself: With or Without Masters 1872
  • A Rebel's Recollections 1874
  • How to Make a Living: Suggestions Upon the Art of Making, Saving, and Using Money 1875
  • "Red Eagle and the Wars with the Creek Indians of Alabama” 1878
  • The First of the Hoosiers: Reminiscences of Edward Eggleston 1903
  • Recollections of a Varied Life 1910
  • The History of the Confederate War 1910


  • "Eggleston, George Cary" American Authors 1600-1900 The H. W. Wilson Company, New York, 1938

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