George F. Whitworth

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Whitworth circa 1890

George F. Whitworth (March 15, 1816 – October 6, 1907[1]) was a Presbyterian missionary, educated at Hanover College in Indiana. Whitworth worked a minister in the Ohio Valley until 1853, when he and his family moved to the Western frontier.[2] He is considered to be the Father of the Presbyterian Church in the State of Washington.[citation needed] He was active in the founding of numerous Washington churches,[citation needed] including the first church in Grand Mound, Washington, which he co-pastored with J. W. Goodell (father of pioneer Phoebe Judson). He was the president of the University of Washington from 1866-67 and 1874-76, and was the founder of Whitworth College (now Whitworth University) in 1890. He is buried at Lake View Cemetery, Seattle, Washington.



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