George Fox Evangelical Seminary

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George Fox Evangelical Seminary
George Fox Evangelical Seminary logo
Established 1947
Type Seminary
Postgraduates 300
Location Portland, OR, USA
45°25′40.38″N 122°44′49.05″W / 45.4278833°N 122.7469583°W / 45.4278833; -122.7469583Coordinates: 45°25′40.38″N 122°44′49.05″W / 45.4278833°N 122.7469583°W / 45.4278833; -122.7469583[1]
Campus Suburban

George Fox Evangelical Seminary is a multi-denominational, university-based school that offers a variety of master degree and postgraduate degree programs in theology and ministry, located in Portland, Oregon.

The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada granted the seminary full accreditation in 1974. It remains a fully accredited member to present.[2] The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities also certifies the seminary's programs.[3]

Mission statement[edit]

George Fox Evangelical Seminary demonstrates the meaning of Jesus Christ by offering spiritual formation and education for ministry in the context of a caring, Christian community, in order to prepare men and women of faith for effective service to the church and the world.


Founded in 1947 as the Western School of Evangelical Religion, the original campus was on the grounds of the Evangelical Church conference in Jennings Lodge, Oregon.

In 1951 the school became Western Evangelical Seminary (WES) and in 1993 moved to a new campus near Interstate 5 and highways 99W and 217. In 1996, WES merged with George Fox College to form George Fox University, and changed its name on January 1, 2000, to George Fox Evangelical Seminary.

The first students came from the founding denominations: the Evangelical Church of North America, Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, the Free Methodists, the Nazarenes, and the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). Today, more than 35 denominations are represented in the student body.


George Fox Evangelical Seminary offers programs in both Local (Portland, OR) and Online (Hybrid) Learning Communities:[4]





  • Spiritual Formation
  • Partners in Ministry

Online and Hybrid


  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Arts, Spiritual Formation
  • Master of Arts, Ministry Leadership
  • Master of Arts, Intercultural Studies in partnership with the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies (NAIITS)[5]
  • Doctor of Ministry Programs:


George Fox Evangelical Seminary presents regular seminars in their Symposium series. Former notable presenters have included: Dallas Willard, Leonard Sweet, Dan Kimball, Marva Dawn, Brian McLaren, Tony Campolo, Richard Twiss, Fern Cloud, Terry LeBlanc, Randy Woodley, Maggi Dawn, Rachel Held Evans, Roger E. Olson, Scot McKnight, Joseph Myers, and Alan Hirsch.[8]


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